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Why Hairs Turn White in Young Age and How to face this problem?

Why Hairs Turn White in Young Age and How to face this problem?



1) Types of Hairs

2) Hairs Location

3) Parts of Hair

4) Colors of Hairs

5) Chemical composition of Hairs

6) Causes Of White hairs

7) How to get rid of white hairs

Hair color and style has a great effect on personality. Nowadays most people suffer of a problem related to hairs that is the white hairs in young age. In this article we want to focus your attention on this problem.

Types of hairs: The hairs are of two types, thin and thick.

Hair Location: Hairs are located at the special structures called follicles.


Parts of the hair:

Each and every hair composed of three parts.

  1. Medulla:The inner layer of hair is medulla.
  2. Cuticle:It is the thin outer layer of hair that is protective in nature. It also gives nutrition to the hair. Chemically it is composed of cell like keratinized chains.
  3. Cortex: The main part of hair in between medulla and cuticle. The cells of cortex also composed of keratin proteins. Some proteins and lipid molecules act like cement to attach the keratin proteins to each other so that a long chain of keratin formed that give a long appearance to hairs.

Colors of hairs:

The color of hairs is due to a special protein called melanin. The amount of melanin protein determines the color of hairs. Some other chemical elements and their compounds also determine the color of hairs. Transition metal compounds are also responsible for hair colors. Brown hair contain copper or iron compounds, blonde hair contain compounds of titanium and red hairs are because of molybdenum compounds.


Chemical composition:

Hairs are composed of fibrous proteins called keratin.


Causes of White Hairs:

1) Genetics: Most of the white hairs are due to genetics. It means that these are due to your genetic makeup or chemical nature.

2) Deficiency of Melanin: Amount of melanin determines the color of hairs.

3) Hormones: Hormonal change also effect hair color. So see your doctor before taking any medicine for white hairs.

4) Medical Condition: Some medical conditions like use of certain medicines or large term use of medicines also leads to white hairs.

5) Stress: Stress is the main cause of white hairs. So avoid stress if you want to get rid of this problem.

6) Chemicals: Chemicals like use of dye or some poor quality shampoo and soap is also responsible for white hairs.

7) Diseases: Diseases like anemia, thyroid gland disorders is also one of the causes.

8) Vitamins deficiency: Vitamin deficiency like vitamin B12 also leads to this problem.

9) Smoking: Smoking contains thousands of chemicals. Some of them are the leading cause of white hairs. So please avoid smoking.

10) Eating less antioxidants: Less use of antioxidants like less use of fresh vegetables and fruits is also the major cause.


How to get rid of white hairs in young age:

1) Oiling: Oil containing Amla and Curry leaves are powerful agents to prevent hair white. Mostly use oils without chemicals. Use simple mustard oil, coconut oil, almond oil or best quality other oils.

2) Olive Oil: Olive oil is also good for hairs.

3) Onion: Use onion in your food as salad.

4) Ridge gourd or toori or lufa: use cocurbita (kaddoo) or lufa (toori or ridge gourd) for this problem.

5) Use Vitamin B: Vitamin B is responsible for healthy blood cells and in turn the deficiency of vitamin B leads to white or weak hairs.

6) Smoking: Quit smoking.

7) Food: Eat carrots, liver, curry leaves, walnuts, beans, eggs and spinach.

8) Shampoo: Use sulphate free shampoo.

9) Hair Products: Avoid poor quality hair products.

10) Stress: Avoid stress and involve in recreational activities. Spend your free time in games and exercises.

11) Heat: Use a handkerchief or cap to bound hairs in more light to protect you from the harmful radiations.

12) Use antioxidants: Antioxidants containing foods include green tea, fresh vegetables and fruits, olive oil and fish are good for hairs.

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