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When to Study?

Best Time to Study or When to Study?

This is difficult to answer when to study because each student has their own psychology. Some make good sense at one time and another at another time. It also depends on the free time of the students. The suitable time is a specific time when the brain working well. As you know each and every student has own method of study and time of study as well but here we are trying to share the contents that are useful for majority of students. Some important points related to this topic are as under.

  1. When to Study Tip 1 > Day Time Study VS Night Time Study:At day time your mind is fresh and availability of light is also good. You can easily contact your friends at day time and thus useful in group discussion or to take help from others. During day time it is easy to move to any study area including library, study room, garden, etc. It also gives you the opportunity to sleep properly at night and does not disturb your night routine of sleep. On the other hand the night study habit has also some advantages. For example at night there is no distraction. The environment is quite and you have the possibility to avail benefit of the learning atmosphere. Some disadvantages of the night study are poor sleep routine, less amount of light or absence of the natural light. Another possible problem is less or no contact with partner (classmates, friends, family members, etc.).


  1. When to Study Tip 2 >  Day Time Study Habits in Detail:After proper sleep, you have more energy. And it is easy to take benefit of your energetic mode. Get up early in the morning. Take your breakfast and then start your study. If you are a school student or student then try to take benefit of time that you have before moving to school. After School you have lot of time for study. Take a little bit rest after school time. After a little bit refreshment start your study in a normal way. Divide your study to intervals or short breaks. During day time lot of distraction stop you from learning. Try to select an area where there is less or no disturbance. Try to avoid the unnecessary tools like radio, mobile phone, etc.


A) Morning Study:Morning is the best time to study. During morning time your brain is like an empty pot. There exist many chances that your brain receives all the signals. If you are busy at day time is case you are a school student and school is far from home or you have some other activities at morning time. Try to avail the benefits of limited time that you have at morning. If you are going to school without any vehicle you have the chance to study on the way to school.

B) Noon and After Noon Study Habit:Noon time is actually the time to take your food and to take short rest. A short rest after lunch is a good habit. In Islam it is called Qilola or Kilola. Qilola relax your mind. After short rest start your study in a normal way? Take short breaks in study.

C) Evening Time Study Habits:Evening time is the good time to move out. But if you have more work to do. No matter you can study at that time.


  1. When to Study Tip 3 > Night Time Study Habits:Night time study is also good if you are energetic at that time. During night time some difficulties may stop you from reading and learning. For example at night there is less availability of light. Natural light is totally unavailable. Some other problems are unavailability of the motivators or helpers. At night time there is no noise and thus a quite environment help you understand easily.

A) First Time of Night:First time of night is good for study. Try to take less food that can stop you from sleeping.

B) Late Time at Night:Late time study is normally considered difficult. But if you have energy and there is no work to do on the next day you can study at late night time.

When to Study Tip > Scientists View: Most scientists favour night studies because problems are less and creativity increases. (Dawn.com)

Why Study at Morning Beat Study at Night: I personally like the day time and specially morning. It is the time when I am fully energetic. I do a little bit exercise and then breakfast. The next work is study is only study. There is also availability of fresh air and natural light. Some of the distraction might be available. But my energetic mode mutes all the distractions. Try use the time when you are energetic and there is less availability of distractions. Thanks.

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