Unit 3 Media and Its Impact – 9th Class English Notes

Unit 3 Media and Its Impact – 9th Class English Notes
Answer the following questions
(i) What is the most important function that media performs?
Ans. The most important and effective function of media is to share news, information and facts around the world with people. Media educates and entertains people through Television, we can watch and listen to the news. Media is the most powerful means of communication.

(ii) What are the two major means of communication? Give three examples of each?
Ans. The two major means of communication are:
(a) Print media (Newspaper, magazine, books etc).
(b) Electronic media (Television, internet, radio etc).
(iii) How does media provide entertainment?
Ans. Media provides entertainment through various forms such as films, dramas, stage shows, talk shows, columns, music shows and comedies etc. Now-a-days game shows are particularly, become popular.
(iv) What happens when media is allowed to play its role unchecked?
Ans. When media is allowed to play it’s role unchecked, the mean, selfish and business-minded persons would try to exploit common men using it cunningly and dishonestly. It may spreads false news.
(v) Give three reasons in support of your favourite TV programme?
Ans: I like news programme for the following three reasons:
i. It provides us important information.
ii. It makes us aware of the changing circumstances.
iii. It provides us entertainment showing latest news.

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