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15 Common Types of Headaches

Types of Headaches


Pain in the region of head is generally termed as headache. The pain may be in the skull, face, on one side of the head or in the whole head.

The headaches are strongly categorized as primary and secondary headaches.

  1. Primary Headaches:

    A primary headache is itself a condition or a disease and is not caused by any other disease or condition. It is commonly caused by the overuse of structures like brain or eyes in the head region.  Primary headaches include migraine, exercise based headaches, tension based headache, etc.

  2. Secondary Headaches:

    A secondary headache is the symptom of any disease (condition). Secondary headaches include Sinus headaches, Medication-overuse headaches, etc.


Common headaches:

There are more than one hundred and fifty types of headaches.

* Migraine:

Migraine is a primary type of headache that is a severe problem and is characterized by recurring attacks. Common symptoms of migraine are nausea, vomiting, sensitivity to light and smell. The attacks occur with regular interval but the frequency differs from person to person.

The causes of migraine are still unknown but scientists stated it is a genetic disorder and is caused by a genetic defect. Tension and triggers are also responsible for the disorder. The attacks may also triggered by certain foods, stress and hormonal changes.


* Tension Headaches or Chronic Daily Headaches:

These are the common type of primary headaches. In these types of headaches the person experience pain on both sides of the head. Most of the people experience such type of headaches. Most common symptoms of tension headaches are pain on both side of the head, pain behind the eyes, pressure on the head and sensitivity to light. Causes of Tension headaches are severe exercise, family problems, dehydration, poor sleep, eye problems, etc. Treatment includes ordinary analgesics or pain pills like acetaminophen, etc.


* Cluster Headaches:

Cluster headaches are considered as primary headaches. These are headaches with recurring attacks and occur once in a day or may be more times up to 8 times in a day. These are severe types of headaches and may last from weeks to months. These headaches occur in a series and an individual attack may last from fifteen minutes to three hours.

Causes of cluster headaches are not clear but commonly they occur in smokers and people that use alcohols, so these headaches are common in men as compared to women as they use alcohol and smoke more than women. Symptoms of cluster headaches include burning and watering of the eyes, swollen eyelid, runny or blocked nose, etc. Treatment reduces the severity of the pain and recurring attacks. Some common treatments include oxygen therapy, sumatriptan,etc.


* Exertional Headaches or Exercises Headaches:

Exertional headaches are primary headaches and are due to excessive exercises. Excessive exercises may be running, jumping, weight lifting, long term work, sexual intercourse, etc. This type of headache can be prevented by taking rest or reducing exercise.


* Medication-overuse headaches:

These are considered as secondary headaches and are also termed as rebound headaches. These occur as a result of long term use of painkillers (Use of painkillers for more than 15 days). Drugs that are responsible for this type of headache are acetaminophen, opioids, ibuprofen, aspirin, etc.


* Hypertension headache:

High blood pressure or hypertension also results in headaches and this type of headache is a signal of emergency situation. This type of headache go away when the blood pressure normalize.


* Caffeine headaches:

Caffeine also responsible for headache. Caffeine changes the chemistry of the brain and if someone do not take caffeine on time, it result in headache.


* Post Traumatic Headaches:

This type of headaches result due to head injury. These are severe type of headaches and lasts in months.


* Hormone Headaches:

This type of headache is due to hormonal fluctuation in females. In other words it is due to change in oestrogen level. Factors that affect estrogen level are responsible for this type of headache. Factors that affect estrogen level are menstruation, birth control medicines and pregnancy.


* Allergic or Sinus Headache:

This type of headache is due to some kind of allergy and this headache is often felt in sinus area.


* Trigeminal neuralgia:

Trigeminal nerves are the nerves that carry sensation messages from facial area to brain. Persons with trigeminal neuralgia often feel more pain on mild stimulation of your face. For example from brushing they feel pain in head region.


* Headaches Due to Referred Pain:

Headache can also be result of pain in some other parts of the body. For example pain in the teeth result in headache.


* Temporal arteritis:

This type of headache is due to inflammation in the arteries of the temples and behind the eyes.


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