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14 Tips How to Make Study Notes | The 5R’s Formula

How to Make Study Notes Or How to Take Study Notes

Notes play an important role in the life and success of a student. In simple words better grades starts with better notes. It is important to start your preparation for examination and for your success from the very first day. There lot of strategies to prepare your study notes for preparation and success in examination. The most important strategies are discussed as under.

1. The 5 R’s Formula for Taking Notes: If a student uses this formula, he or she may be able to make good notes. The Steps of 5R’sformula are as follows.
A. Record
B. Reduce
C. Recite
D. Reflect
E. Review

A) Record: Record or write your notes by hand is more prefer than typing notes by computer. It is your own choice to make study notes by hand or by laptop. Some students like to write notes by laptop as these notes are easily accessible through Google drive.
B) Reduce: Now the next step is to reduce burden on your mind. After some days remove the components, parts or steps of the notes that you do not need anymore.
C) Recite: Collect as many notes as you can but write in such a way that is suitable for you. Write your notes in a simple way that you recite and understand easily.
D) Reflect: The good students not blindly follow teacher. Good student think about the aims and objectives of the study material. Understand each and every topic. Take help from teacher and also use your own senses.
E. Review: Review your notes from time to time. Keep reading from time to time because you can’t read everything on paper day.

2. Pretty Notes: The fact is that pretty notes are easy to read. Therefore, the notes should be well-written but not so short that the marks are not well received and are not long enough for you to read.
3. Prepare Your Notes on Daily Basis: Try to prepare your notes on daily basis. If you do not make notes on daily basis then it will be difficult for you to manage later.
4. Save Your Notes: Save your notes in a register or any notebook. Pages are not suitable for notes writing. If you use loose papers save all the papers in a proper file or folder. Arrange the notes in a proper way.

5. Collect Main Points:
Select key points to facilitate reading.
6. Stick to the syllabus: Structure your notes according to the syllabus. The more you stick to the syllabus the most successful you would be.

7. Visualized Method: Use different coloured pen in your notes. It saves your time to easily jump and to find a specific component of a topic. Use different coloured pens for heading and sub-heading.

8. Keep Notes Upgraded: Keep your notes upgraded from time to time so that to remove the errors and to remove the contents that you do not need anymore. The best student writes long notes at the initial stages and cut down some important point that are not further needed. It is the best way to reduce burden on your mind at the final stages. In other words condense your notes from time to time. It is simply to remove the unnecessary points.

9. Add Examples to Your Notes: Add proper examples to your notes. It makes sense of your ideas. It is helpful to understand easily and get you to success.

10. Collect Notes form Helpful Books: It is right that your syllabus books are important. But also take help from other sources like internet, guides, etc. to prepare good notes.

11. The Act is Better Not the Result: Not only writing notes are important. It is also important that notes sinks into the brain. If the notes sink into the brain the result will be good.

12. Notes Taking Methods: Use different methods like outline method (Outline the basic ideas), The boxed method (Arranging the related notes in a box), draw charts, Maps and Diagrams.

13. Write Notes in Your Own Words: Write notes in your own words and understand in your own language. If you face difficulty in bookish language, use your own language words for understanding.

14. Read One Section at a Time: Instead of reading the full chapter at a time try to study different parts of a chapter from time to time. Using this method you will be able to produce good notes.

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