The Horse and The Messenger Story

The Horse and The Messenger Story
In olden times, there was a royal messenger. He was faithful but hasty by temperament. One day, the king ordered him to convey a very important message to the commander of his army. The king asked him to deliver the message fleetly. He set out on his journey at once.

At the time of departure, he noticed that a nail from one in every of the shoes of the horse was missing. As he was in haste, he neglected it. He made his horse gallop. When he coated half the gap, he accomplished that the horse was lameness. He got off the horse to see the matter. To his grief, he discovered that one in every of the shoes of the horse had gone off. In embarrassment, he created the horse run even quicker. After sometime, the horse fell down and died. The messenger ran wildly. At last, he reached parcel of land however he was too late. The king’s army had been defeated due to no delivery of the message. He cursed himself for not being careful regarding the nail however it had been too late to fix.
A Stitch in time saves nine.

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