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Start Your Study Now – Do not wait for tomorrow

Whether you are a student, teacher or you want to increase your knowledge, study is the right choice. It is very funny sentence but is right that every student want to start study from tomorrow and not willing to study today. It is the basic reason that most of the students get failed in their mission and are unable to reach the goal. Why students delay study for tomorrow or for next time. Here are some reasons.

Reasons Why Students Delaying Their Study: Study delay is a bad habit. It delay attaining your degree, reduce your chances to get good grades and also responsible for failure in attaining a job. There are many reasons that stop students to study at the right time. Some are discussed as under.

  1. A) Environmental Issue:Environmental issues like noise, less availability of natural light change your study habit. Try to study in a quite area.
  2. B) Use of Unnecessary Software either in phone or Windows:Sometime mobile phone and other technology stop the students to study on the right time.
  3. C) Poor Sleeping Habits:Proper sleeping habit makes you energetic. So take proper sleeps to keep your mind fresh.
  4. D) Improper Attention by the Family Members:Some time the family members are responsible. It is the duty of family members to provide support. Provide good books, a suitable environment to your children. Try to communicate to them in case of any difficulty.
  5. E) Bad Social Circles: Friends can make you both a Hero and a Zero. Bad friends ruin a child’s life. So try to be friends with people who are studious and good.
  6. F) Difficult Books:Hard books also make reading difficult. Try to use notes that are easy to understand.

Impact of Delaying Study: Some common of delaying study are as follows.

  1. A) It increase burden on the students. And at final time you have to study more in a limited time. It leads you to mental illness.
  2. B) It wastes your time. Your time is very precious. By doing so you are wasting your time.
  3. C) It also reduces or stops your interest in studying.

Why You Should Start Study Right Now and How to Start Study Now: Your time is very valuable. Don’t waste time and start study from now on?

  1. Motivating You:If you study more, you have more opportunity to avail like good grades, jobs, etc. and thus you could earn more money and more honour.
  2. Setting Proper Goals:Setting proper goals is one of the most factors that motivate a person to study more. Keep in mind that you have proper goals. Remind that to reach that goal study is necessary. For example if you want to be a doctor in future you should have to study more and more to attain a good grade.
  3. Keep in mind that you have to give the exam: If you think that exam I near and you want to reach a peak, study is compulsory. Without study success is impossible.
  4. When You Think of Study start immediately and do not wait for tomorrow.
  5. Watch Some Motivational Videos or Read Motivational articles or posts on the web.
  6. Try a Favourable Environment like Contact Friends That Are Studious: Take help from a studious buddy. The environment that is suitable for learning enable a student to motivate and learn. If you are in such environment where everyone is hard worker, it forced you to study.
  7. Be Clear About Gaining Proper Grades: Keep in your mind that if you want to succeed, study is essential. In other words you cannot succeed without studying.
  8. Reward Yourself: Continue your study by saying that you are going to be a successful person. And your study can help you reach your goal.
  9. Make a Habit of the Study: Study continuously and not for a day or week. Be a tortoise and try to win the race by slow movement towards your destination.
  10. Remove Distractions: Distractions like noise, light unavailability, etc. reduce your attention to study. So avoid distraction.
  11. Reduce use of Mobile Phone: Avoid using mobile phones and other electronic devices during your study.
  12. Final Message: Do not wait for tomorrow, Start study today.
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