SST General Past Papers MCQs Unsolved

SST General past Papers MCQs

Which pension is granted to civil servant who retires in the age of sixty?

A) Retiring

B) Superannuation

C) Invalid

D) Compensation

All financial transaction of the school occurring from day to day is entered in

A) Cash book

B) Stock register

C) Service book

D) Log book

The process of directing others, towards the accomplishment of some objective

A) Communication

B) Managing

C) Leadership

D) None

Micro planning is done in ;

A) Top management

B) Middle management

C) Lower Management

D) Middle and lower Management

The ACR cannot be initiated for the period of less than;

A) Two months

B) Three months

C) Five months D) Four months

The individual in the group given the task of directing and coordinating is ;

A) Leader

B) Supervisor

C) Instructor

D) Guide

A choice made between two or more alternative is called ;

A) Assumption

B) Decision

C) Reporting

D) None

The cash book is maintained by;




D) None

Authoritarian model is more suitable for;

A) Confidence

B) Improvement

C) Achievement

D) Discipline

Teacher salaries and allowances collectively are written in;

A) Cash register

B) Acquaintance

C) Contingent Register

D) None of these

The resting place of Imam Bukhari is in _____

A) Tajikistan

B) Uzbekistan C) Kazakhstan

D) Turkmenistan

The ‘silver fibre’ of Pakistan is _____

A) Wheat

B) Jute

C) Cotton

D) Tea

Maulana Zafar Ali Khan was the chief editor of _____

A) Al-Hilal

B) Comrade

C) Dawn

D) Zamindar

Nawab Mohsin –Ul-Mulak prepared _____

A) The points simla deputation

B) Constitution of All India Muslim League

C) Minto-Morley Minutes

D) Minutes of Luckhnow pact

District Swat belongs to _____ division

A) Swat

B) Kohistan

C) Malakand

D) Hazara division

The biggest market of Pakistan export and import is ____


B) China

C) Saudi Arabia

D) Afghanistan

Bala Hisar fort at Peshawar was built by ____

A) Sher sha B) Babar

C) Mahmood Ghaznavi

D) Shahab Uddin Ghauri

Who administrated the oath of Prime Minister Liaqat Ali khan?

A) Justice Abdur Rashid

B) Justic shahab Uddin

C) Lord Mountbatten

D) Muhammad Ali Jinnah

Where is Chandka Medical College?

A) In Larkana

B) Hyderabad

C) Karachi

D) Lahore

Where artificial forest is are being maintained in?

A) Murree

B) Lahore

C) Changa manga

D) Shaiwal

To motivate others to achieve certain goals is ;

A) Planning

B) Leading

C) Controlling

D) Organizing

A program of activities which is designed to attain educational ends is ;

A) Learning

B) Curriculum

C) Instruction

D) Syllabi

Superannuation/retirement age in Pakistan is ; A) 25 years

B) 60 years

C) 65 years

D) 30 years

Retiring pension is due after the service of;

A) 25 years

B) 30 years

C) 45 years

D) 50 years

Person who possess qualities of leadership is;

A) Leader

B) Manger

C) Administrator

D) Officer

Which is Pakistan’s 2nd largest foreign exchange earner crop is?

A) Rice

B) Cotton

C) Jute

D) Mango

Rehmat ali coined word Pakistan in “ Now or never” pamphlet in _____

A) 1916

B) 1927

C) 1931

D) 1933

When East Pakistan separated from West Pakistan____

A) 16th December 1971

B) 27 November 1971

C) 25 August 1971

D) 14 June 1971 What is length of Pakistan – India border?

A) 1610 Km

B) 708 Km

C) 485 Km

D) 2252 Km

After how many years did Pakistan get first constitution?

A) 7

B) 8

C) 9

D) 10

When first constitution of Pakistan was enforced?

A) 8 th June , 1956

B) 14th August, 1956

C) 6 Th September , 1965

D) 23rd march , 1956

In which constitution Bicameral legislature was provided for the first time?

A) 1973

B) 1956

C) 1962

D) All of them

When did Pakistan become member of United Nation?

A) 14 August, 1947

B) 30th Sep , 1947

C) 14 August , 1948

D) 30th September , 1948

Which country opposed Pakistan membership in United Nation?

A) India

B) Bangladesh

C) Afghanistan D) America

Tawakal was poet of ____ language

A) Sindhi

B) Punjabi

C) Pashto

D) Balochi

Splitting up a fraction into two or more fraction with only one factor in the denominator

is called ____ fraction.

A) Rational

B) Partial

C) Proper

D) None of these

Resolution of fraction into partial fraction depends upon the factors of

A) Denominator of fraction

B) Numerator of fraction

C) Both a & b

D) None of these

A quadrilateral in which two sides are parallel and two are not parallel;

A) Square

B) Rectangle

C) Trapezium

D) Circle

X + y is an algebraic

A) Expression

B) Sentence

C) Equation

D) None of these

3 < 0 A) True sentence

B) False sentence

C) Open sentence

D) None of these

X^2 y and xy^2 are ;

A) Like terms

B) Unlike terms

C) Constants

D) None of these

Number of terms in expression 2x^2 + 3x +2 is / are ;

A) One

B) Two

C) Three

D) Four

“Bi” means

A) One

B) Two

C) Three

D) Four

The price which is paid to purchase goods is called ;

A) Sales price

B) Purchase price

C) Discount

D) None of these

Perimeter of a rectangle is calculated by;

A) 2( length + breadth)

B) 2 ( length * breadth)

C) 3(length + breadth)

D) ½( length * breadth ) Area of a square is calculated for the length of side to be “x” by the formula;

A) X^2

B) X^3

C) Xy

D) Xyz

A line which is perpendicular to a radial segment of a circle at its outer end is called a__

A) Secant

B) Tangent

C) Chord

D) Diameter

A line which meets the circle at one point is called

A) Secant

B) Tangent

C) Chord

D) Diameter

A line segment having both end points on a circle and not passing through the centre


A) Secant

B) Diameter

C) Chord

D) None of these

The distance of the centre from any point of the circle is called

A) Secant

B) Diameter

C) Radius

D) None of these

My father arrived ____ than the rest of family.

A) Late B) Later

C) Latest

D) More late

My sister looked _____ than Amara.

A) Beautiful

B) More beautiful

C) Most beautiful

D) Both A& C

Your husband Kamal writes ____ of all Best

A) Best

B) The best

C) Better

D) Both A & C

Mrs.Haseeb speaks _____ than Mrs.Amir

A) Clearly

B) More clearly

C) Very clearly

D) Clear

Mother prepares chicken ____ than grandmother

A) Good

B) Better

C) Best

D) Both A & C

Her apartment is ____ the second floor.

A) On

B) In

C) Upon

D) At

The boat will take you ____ the river. A) From

B) In

C) Across

D) At

The streets runs _____ the sea font.

A) From

B) In

C) Along

D) Across

I prefer to ride my bike ____ the hill.

A) At

B) On

C) From

D) Down

The princess lives ____ the castle.

A) At

B) In

C) By

D) With

I bought some milk ____ the grocery store.

A) At

B) In

C) From

D) With

My sister sat _____ my mom in the bus.

A) At

B) On

C) From

D) With When we got ready for dinner, I had to take my book _____ the table.

A) At

B) On

C) From

D) Far

We took a trip ____ town last week

A) At

B) In

C) From

D) To

He is ___ home.

A) At

B) In

C) By

D) With

This is a simple sentence.

A) Simple

B) Compound

C) Complex

D) None of these

I like playing basketball and my brother likes playing tennis.

A) Simple

B) Compound

C) complex

D) none of these

I will help if you help me.

A) Simple

B) Compound

C) ComplexD) None of these.

The issue of population growth and environment is the issue of ___

A) Poor and developing nations only

B) Wealthy and advanced nation only

C) Poor, developing and advanced nations

D) Neither poor nor advanced nations

It was Quaid e Azam who brought about social revolution in the emancipation and

empowerment of women in this sentence the word “ social revolution” means

A) Communist revolt

B) Social change

C) Social disorder

D) Economical change

After reading the lesson “ women’s role “ in the Pakistan movement , it is inferred that

the role of women expanded because of

A) Bi Amma speeches to khilafat gatherings

B) Fatima Jinnah participation in all the activities of Quaid E Azam

C) Quaid –e- Azam who stressed the importance of women as equal partner of men in

the struggle for a separate homeland

D) Begum Fatima who invited Quaid E Azam to address the girls student of her college

Pakistan is a land gifted with lavish resources of water by using contextual clues , the word

opposite in the meaning to “gifted with” is ____

A) Blessed with

B) Deprived of

C) Bestowed with

D) Banned upon

According to the poet “life without dream” is _____

A) Hallow and bleak

B) Lush and hopeful

C) Dynamic and productive D) Passionate and optimistic

According to the poem “dream” what will happen if our dream die?

A) Life will be easier to handle

B) Life will appear as it is

C) Life will continue as normal

D) Life will be hopeless

The poem “ in spite of water” is written by _____

A) Shakespeare

B) Charles woods

C) Angela Morgan

D) Langston Hughes.

The poem “ Dreams” is written by ____

A) Angela Morgan

B) Langston Hugs

C) Shakespear

D) Wood

The text “ the aged mother” is a ___ folk tale

A) Pakistani

B) Arab

C) Japanese

D) Indian

Which of the following sentences best describe the lesson “water scarcity “?

A) Conserve water and reduce its wastage

B) Control on over pumping of underground water

C) Switch over from conventional agriculture to conservative agriculture

D) Used water liberally but construct water reservoir

According to UNO report Pakistan is at _____ position in the list of countries which are

facing water crises.

A) 11thB) 5 th

C) 6 th

D) 7 th

The phrase “ hold fast to dreams” means____

A) Don’t do anything just dream day and night

B) Don’t let go of your dreams

C) None

Brain controls the body just like the ___ controls activities of a cell.

A) Mitochondria

B) Cytoplasm

C) Nucleus

D) Ribosome

Muscle is a type of ____

A) Cell

B) Tissue

C) Organ

D) System

We can sense different stimuli due to _____

A) Sense organs

B) Blood

C) Environment

D) Nutrition

The suitable range of temperature for photosynthesis is ______

A) 5 – 15 degree

B) 15-45 degree

C) 25-35 degree

D) 10-25 degree

Identify the abiotic component in the following?

A) Lion B) Apple

C) Water vapour

D) Beetle

Which one of the following is not a reproductive structure?

A) Sepal

B) Carpel

C) Ovule

D) Pollen grain

Many food chains unite to make a _______

A) Food cycle

B) Food web

C) Food pyramid

D) Mega food chain

The symbol used for sodium is _____

A) S

B) Sd

C) Na

D) N

Which of the following is not a mixture?

A) Alloy

B) Water

C) Air

D) Tea

Oxygen is not necessary for _____

A) Combustion

B) Rusting

C) Respiration

D) Photosynthesis

Aqueous solution is formed by dissolving a substance ( solute) in _____ A) Alcohol

B) Water

C) Cooking oil

D) Vinegar

Percentage of water on earth surface is about?

A) 50%

B) 60%

C) 70%

D) 80%

An element has seven electrons in its valence shell. Its Valency is ______

A) 7

B) 0

C) 1

D) 8

Polythene is a _____

A) Monomer

B) Polymer

C) Element

D) Fertilizer

A moving car has ___ energy.

A) Tidal

B) Potential

C) Kinetic

D) Solar

Her name is Sachiko and she is comes from japan.

A) Simple

B) Compound

C) Complex

D) None of these My brother cooked dinner with I was doing my homework.

A) Simple

B) Compound

C) Complex

D) None of these

With the dog chased the cat it barked loudly.

A) Simple

B) Compound

C) Complex

D) None of these

Although he worked hard he did not do well in the examination.

A) Simple

B) Compound

C) Complex

D) None of these


The boys did not go to the zero because they went to the park.

A) Simple

B) Compound

C) Complex

D) None of these

Identify the adjective in the given options


The team has had enough practice.

A) Team

B) Had

C) Enough

D) Practice


She did not eat any fruit.

A) Did

B) EatC) Any

D) Fruit


He is a noisy boy in the class

A) He

B) Noisy

C) Boy

D) Class


They showed much patience.

A) They

B) Showed

C) Much

D) Patience


This is a Pakistani cloth in the market.

A) This

B) Pakistani

C) Cloth

D) Market

Fill in the blank


This is the _____ tree in the garden.

A) Tall

B) Taller

C) Tallest

D) Telling


She is a _____ woman.

A) Wise

B) Wiser

C) Wisest D) Wishing


Hexagon has six side and _____ angles.

A) 3

B) 4

C) 5

D) 6


In increase in one quantity causes decrease in other quantity then this is called __

A) Direct proportion

B) Ratio

C) Inverse Proportion

D) None of these


In an equilateral triangle measure of each angle is

A) 90 angle

B) 60 angle

C) 100 angle

D) 45 angle


If all the three sides of a triangle are different in length it is called____ triangle.

A) Scalene

B) Equilateral

C) Isosceles

D) None of these


A polygon with four sides is called:

A) Triangle

B) Quadrilateral

C) Pentagon

D) Hexagon


An equation in which the variables appears in one of more radicles is called

A) Linear

B) Quadratic C) Algebra

D) Radicals


Direct variation between a and b is expressed as ;

A) A = b

B) A = 1/b

C) A

D) A X b

E) A X 1/b


Splitting up a fraction into two or more fraction with only one factor in the


A) Rational

B) Proper

C) Partial

D) None of these


Resolution of fraction into partial fraction depends upon the factor of ___ fraction.

A) Denominator

B) Numerator

C) Both a and c

D) None of these.


A quadrilateral in which two sides are parallel and two are not parallel is called


A) Square

B) Rectangle

C) Trapezium

D) Rhombus


Mother tongue of Quaid –e-Azam was_____

A) Sindhi

B) Gujrati

C) Punjabi D) Urdu


Allama Iqbal qualified as PhD scholar from _____

A) Munich University , Germany

B) Oxford University , UK

C) Boston University , USA

D) Lincoln University , UK


Islamabad was made capital in the year _____

A) 1958

B) 1959

C) 1961

D) 1962


Nobel prize Winner in 1979 in Physics ______

A) Abdul Qadeer Khan

B) Abdullah Sattar Edhi

C) Abdus salam

D) None of these


Sher shah’s real name was ___

A) Fareed Khan

B) Karim Khan

C) Shahab Uddin

D) Mubarak sattar


Pakistan won gold medal for the first time in Olympics.

A) 1960

B) 1964

C) 1968

D) 1972


The first airline of Pakistan is ______

A) Shaheen Airlines

B) Orient Airlines C) British Airlines

D) Air blue


Senate of Pakistan is consisting of _____ members.

A) 342

B) 272

C) 104

D) 100


Liaqat Ali Khan joined All india Muslim League in :

A) 1923

B) 1933

C) 1934

D) 2944


Lahore resolution was passed in the 27th Annual session of All India Muslim League


A) Muhammad Ali Jinnah

B) A.K.Fazl ul Haz

C) Sheikh Mujeeb Ur Rehman

D) Muhammad Ali Jouhar.


Sub – tropical continental plateau included western part of ;

A) Punjab

B) Sindh

C) Baluchistan

D) Khyber Pakhtunkhawa


In 1971 , Sheikh Mujeeb ur Rehman launched the :

A) Non-cooperation movement

B) Civil disobedient Movement

C) Quit India Movement

D) Civil Rights Movement


Pakistan is one of the few countries in the world to have every kind of: A) Religious Ideologies

B) Geological Structures

C) People

D) Politician


Pakistan’s first ever Chinese language weekly newspaper is:

A) Lianhe

B) Yesky

C) Xinhua

D) Huashag

Four/Five options (A to D/E) follow a related pair of words given in capital. Select the

option that best expresses a relationship similar to that expressed in the original pair.


Flammable : Burn :

A) Invisible : See

B) Erratic : control

C) Fragile : break

D) Noxious: escape.

E) Industrial : Manufacture


Light : Darkness :

A) Anger : friendship

B) Ignorance : illiteracy

C) Sanity : madness

D) Medicine: patient.


Rectangle : Cylinder

A) Square : sphere

B) Circle : dice

C) Triangle : cone

D) Wall : room


Pest : Irksome

A) Salesclerk : discourteousB) Expert : proficient

C) Enigma : unexpected

D) Leader : nondescript

E) Accuser : indicted

Choose the option or phrase that is not nearly opposite in meaning to the word in

capital letters.



A) Temporary

B) Internal

C) Interval

D) Timely



A) Scantly

B) Extravagant

C) Gloom

D) Crude

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