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Solved CT (Certified Teacher) Past Paper Year 2016 Social Studies MCQs

Social Studies MCQs Certified Teacher CT Past Paper Year 2016

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26. Quaid-E-Azam joined all India Muslim league when the league adopted _____

a) Secularism

b) Islamic ideology

c) Self rule

d) Idea of separate state


27. ________ were the two sons of Shah Wali Ullah who translated Holy Quran in Urdu.

Abdul Aziz and Rafi-Uddin

Rafi-Ud-Din and Abdul Ghani

Abdul Qadir and Rafi-Ud-Din

Abdul Aziz and Abdul Ghani

28. In 1947 East Pakistan produced ______ percent of the world jute

A) 50

B) 60

C) 70

D) 80



29. According to Indus water Treaty, Pakistan had to build _____ barrages

A) 3

B) 5

C) 7

D) 9


30. When ______ resigned as president of Awami league, Mujeeb became president.

A) Hussain Shaheed Suharwardy

B) Maulana Bashani

C) Nur-Ul-Amin

D) Fazal-Ul-Haq


31. Import duties on British goods to India were abolished by _____

A) Duffer

B) Ripon

C) Lytton

D) Curzon


32. Day of Deliverance was celebrated by All India Muslim leagues to celebrate:

A. The acceptance of Muslim demands by the British

B. British retreat at the hand of Germany

C. The end of second world war

D. The end of congress Rule


33. Under PRODA complaints could be made to:

A. Governor General

B. Prime Minister

C. Secretary General

D. Chief Minster


34. Before Chaudhry Muhammad Ali was appointed prime Minister he was serving as

A_ Secretary General

B. Ambassador to the USA

C. Interior Minister

D. Finance Minister


35. Scientists’ estimate that the tectonic plates move about centimetre a year.

A. 8

B. 10

C. 13

D. 16


36. 180° degree longitude line is called:

A. Greenwich line

B. International Date line

C. Tropic of Cancer.

D. Tropic of Capricorn


37. Power generation stations use of the total natural gas produced in Pakistan.

A. One fifth

B. one fourth

C. one third

D. Almost half


38. The MOST valuable exports are usually:

A. Missiles

B. Textile products

C. Food items

D. Manufactured goods


39. In his last expedition Columbus discovered:

A. Brazil

B. Mexico

C. Panama

D. Chile .


40. There are types of maps, used to locate a particular part of the world.

A. 2

B. 3

C. 4


E. 6

41. In South of Koh-i-Suliman, the Koh-i-Kirthar is stretched to separate

A. Baluchistan from Punjab

B. Balochis-tan from Sindh

C. KPK from Balochistan

D. KPK from Punjab

E. Kashmir from KPK

42. Many times at some places the wind starts blowing in circular motion which is called twister but if these rings of winds cover an area of several kilometers then it is called

A. Tornado

B. Cyclone

C. Hurricane

D. Whirlwind

E. Storm


43. Muhammad Bin Qasim defeated and took over Sindh in 712 A.D.

A. Raja Jaichand

B. Raja Jayapala

C. Raja jeipal

D. Rajalakhana ( Udaya )

E. Raja Dahir

44. On partition of Bengal, Muslims were

A. Distributed B. Disappointed C. Happy D. Sad.

45. In Nehru report, were suggested as a national language. A. Urdu B. English C. Bengali D. Hindi

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