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Solved CT (Certified Teacher) Past Paper Year 2016 Pedagogy MCQs

PEDAGOGY MCQs Certified Teacher CT Past Paper Year 2016


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51. The academic time set by the Ministry of education is called

A. Transition Time

B.. Mandated time

C. Allocated time

D. On-task time

52. Following is an example of classroom routines of.a teacher A. Assignment of project B. Preparation of annual classroom agenda C. Collecting and returning books D. Field trips scheduling

53. The trait which enables the counselor to understand issues of a client from his own frame of reference is known as:

A. Warmth B. Genuineness

C. Congruence D. Empathy

54. A fairly informal setting in which four to six participants with a chair person discuss a topic among themselves while the rest of the class listens, is known as: A. Debate Session B. Symposium C. Public defense D. Panel Discussion


55. A paper pencil test is a test in which:

A. Student are presented with questions to answer, topics to address, or problems to solve, and write answer on paper.

B. Standardized tests measure how much a student has learned in specific content areas such as reading, comprehension etc.

C. A Standardized instrument Is designed to reveal aspects of an individual’s character or psychological makeup.

D. The examiner and the students know how well they have learnt particular course elements and are typically done at the end of course book units or recent class work.


56. The type of questions which can be answered in several ways, is called as

A. Divergent

B. Convergent

C. Low level

D. high level


57. Thinking skill of “attending to selected pieces of information while ignoring other stimuli”  is called as

A. Organizing •

B. Gathering

C. Remembering

D. Focusing


58. Which of the following is an example of verbal communication?

A. Gestures C. Body language

C. Telephone call D. How we dress

59. Learners make sense of the world not only by means of internal process but also through the social dimension of learning. This interaction happens under:

A. Construction

B. Cognitivism


D. Connectivism


60. Which strategy of critical thinking is involved in “recognizing the relevance and/or merit of alternative assumptions and perspectives”?

A. Judgement

B. Reflection

C. Setf-awareness

D. Discipline


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