Solved CT (Certified Teacher) Past Paper Year 2016 General Science MCQs

NTS CT Teacher Past Paper Year 2016 Solved (Original Paper) General Science MCQs

  1. Which of the following is different from others?

a) Butterfly

b) Spider

c) Grass hopper

d) Bug

e) Fish


2. When we add soda in flour what will happen?

a) Flour will be spoiled

b) Flour will turn black

c) Flour will be raised up

d) Lumps will be formed


3. Decomposers decompose the larger substances into simpler which increase the ______

a) Fertility of the soil

b) Temperature of the soil

c) Humidity of the soil

d) PH of the soil

4. Tongue has sensory cells called ______

a) Taste sprout

b) Flavor buds

c) Palate buds

d) Taste buds


5. All the food chains begin with _______

a) Plant

b) Animal

c) Microbes

d) Plants and animals


6. Which one of the following action is involuntary?

a) Walking

b) Talking

c) Running

d) Pumping of the blood


7. In mitosis number of chromosomes are_______

a) Double from parent cell

b) Half from parent cell

c) Different from parent cell

d) Same as parent cell


8. _______ is the path through which electric current passes

a) Electric Change

b) Electric route

c) Electric circuit

d) Electric arc


9. _______ is the smallest particle

a) Molecule

b) Atom

c) Compound

d) Free radical


10. For the manufacturing of lead pencil _____ is used

a) Sulphur

b) Nitrogen

c) Oxygen

d) Carbon


11. Solution which has less solute is called

a) Rigorous solution

b) Concentrated solution

c) Dilute solution

d) Intense solution


12. Type of machine that works with other mechanical parts in order to alter the relation between the speed of a driving mechanism, is ________

a) Gear

b) Wedge

c) Wheel

d) Lever

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