Solved CT (Certified Teacher) Past Paper Year 2016 English MCQs

ENGLISH MCQs Certified Teacher CT Past Paper Year 2016

General Science MCQs CT past paper year 2016 Pedagogy Part of CT Past Paper Year 2016
Social Studies Part of CT Past Paper year 2016 Mathematics part of CT past paper year 2016

Question 61-66 are based on the following passage. Trees are the garments of the Earth. Trees and green plants increase the beauty of the Earth. Without trees and plants, the Earth looks barren. Life without trees and plants is impossible. Trees need carbon dioxide for making their food. But it is harmful to human beings and animals.

The trees release oxygen which is important for living beings. Fruits like, mangoes, apples, almonds, guava, loquat, berries, plums, apricots, orange, lemon, pomegranate, fig and lechi etc. grow on trees. These fruits provide us vitamins. Trees provide shade in the summer. We take rest under the shade of trees in the hot summer, The green leaves of trees are the food of goats, sheep and camels.

They are also habitat for birds because the birds make their nests in trees. Honey-bees also make their bee-hives in trees and plants. Trees also provide us wood for burning, furniture, doors, windows and sports goods. Trees reduce soil erosion. They make the environment cool and pleasant. They decrease heat and “causerainfall. We should grow more trees to make our environment clean and pleasant .

61. Trees ______ the surface of the earth. C. Compare C. hydrogen A. Close . B.:Colour D. Cover E. Create

62. Trees produce _______  A. Carbon dioxide B. Calcium carbonate D. nitrogen E. oxygen

63. Fruits are a source of________  A. Carbohydrates B. fats C. minerals D. vitamins . E. water “

64. Trees also provide _______ in summer_ – A. food B. fruits . C. moisture D. shade E. wood

65. Animals get ________ from trees. A. food B. help C. power D. water

66. Trees _______ soil.

A. Increase

B. produce

C. protect

D. saturate

E. spoil


Read the following passage and correct the underlined errors (if any) next to each question from options given below. (questions 67-72) A fox met a cat to a field. The fox say politely, ‘Good morning, Mrs cat. You are looking very beautiful this morning.’

The cat answered proudly, ‘Yes. Mr Fox I know that I am Beautiful. Cats are the most beautiful of all animals. We has finer coats, greener eyes and more graceful tails than any other animal.’ ‘perhaps that is true’; replied the fox, ‘but a fox is clever than any other animal. He knows all tricks. Foxes has much more intelligent than cats.’ ‘Clever?’ said the cat. ‘can you catch rats? Does your master give you warm milk to drink? I don’t think you are clever.’ The fox laughed. ‘We soon be shall able to test our cleverness. The dogs them. How many tricks do you know, Mrs Cat?’

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