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9 Reasons Why Students Lost Interest in Studies | Study Skills

9 Reasons Why Students Lost Interest in Studies:
Many children loss interest in study. To avail such problems parents must take care of their children. There are many reasons that are responsible for lack of interest in studies by the students. 9 Reasons Why Students Lost Interest in Studies are discussed as under.

1. Annoying Behaviors of the Students: Some students turn away from studies because of other students’ misbehaviour. The class consists of people from different areas and different languages. Some students are older than the rest of the students. That’s why they bother young children. Therefore, the teacher should focus on all children and try to solve student problems.

2. Hindrance to Freedom: Every child wants freedom. If the child’s likes and dislikes are seen and taken in the right direction, then this is useful for the child.

3. Interruption from Friends and Family Members: Some time these people are responsible too.

4. Bad Teachers: Some teachers show immoral behaviors to students that are not good. Punishment and mistreatment abolish trust in children.

5. Difficult Syllabus: Increase or difficult syllabus increase burden on students and thus the students face difficulty. The syllabus should be according to the level of the students.

6. Setting Incorrect Goals: Studying with goal or with incorrect goal is a problem. If a student does not know about the aim of the study, it is difficult to make him studious.

7. Delaying in Studies: Start your study from today and do not wait for tomorrow. Delay in study increase burden on the students and finally leads to mental illness. So try to study continuously. Slow and Steady study is better than studying a complete chapter on one day and then stop studying for a week.

8. Learning Difficulties like Diseases: Some students have mental problems that stop them to study properly.
9. Environmental Issues: Environmental issues include noise, etc.

10. Fear of Failure: Some students think that they do not have the ability to pass their exams and so they stop studying.
Some other reasons are lack of Rewards, social media and mobile, studying alone, focus on studying and not learning, high expectations, etc.

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