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Quran and Biology


At many places in Holy Quran, Allah hints about the origin and characteristics of living organisms. In the same verses human beings have been instructed to expose the unknown aspects of life, after getting the hints. Here are few examples of such guidelines.


“We made every living thing from water.”

(Sura: Ambia, Verse: 30)

We know that water makes the 60-70% of the composition of protoplasm of all living things. The above Verse hints at the common origin of all living things in water. As Allah has ordered human beings to think at the hints given by Him, we should study living things so that the mysteries of their origin can be revealed.


“He made man from clay like the potter.”    (Sura: Rehman, Verse: 14)

In another verse, God says:


“Then fashioned We the drop a clot, then fashioned We the clot a little lump, then fashioned We the little lump bones, then clotted the bones with flesh”       (Sura: Al-Mominoon, Verse: 14)

When we think at the hints given in both these Verses, we find the events that occurred in the creation of human beings. Allah also hints at the method of the development of animals including human beings.


“Allah hath created every animal from water. Then some of them creep up over their bellies, others walk on two legs, and others on four. Allah creates what He pleases.”    (Sura: Al-Nur, Verse: 45)

This Verse describes the common origin and modification of organisms and also supports the modern concepts of classification.

Thus, Quran hints not only at the origin and development of life but also at many characteristics of living organisms.

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