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Phyletic Lineage

Phyletic Lineage


It is associate unbroken series of species against in associate root to descendant sequence with every later species having evolve from one that now preceded it.

Number of living organism

  • Till now we have 2.5 million of species of animals and plants. All to an estimate 5.3 million species present over Earth.
  • We discovered only 50% of total species.
  • Insects are 53.1%.
  • Vascular plants 17.6 %.
  • Animals 19.9%.
  • Fungi, algai, protist 9.4%.

Incomplete Lineage

We have incomplete series of organism from ancestor to descendant is incomplete due to following reason.

  1. Incomplete Fossil record

We have incomplete Fossil record, we know that invertebrates and soft bodies animals rarely develop fossils.

  1. Undiscovered animals

Many animals not yet discovered.

iii. Undiscovered fossils

We do not have complete record of Fossil, many of them still buried in soil.

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