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Pair of Words From A to Z


Use the following pair of words in your own sentences.

Pair of Words from A to Z group 1 “Pairs Starts With A-B”
(i) Affect, Effect
Smoking affects lungs.
My words have no effect on him.

(ii) Advice, Advise
He gave me a good piece of advice. Or
He advised me not to miss my classes.
(iii) Alter, Altar
The nature of God never alters.
People brought the animal to the altar.

(iv) Altogether, All together
There were altogether 20 people at the dinner.
They went to watch the movie all together.
(v) Angels, Angles
God sent his message through angels. Or
Draw an angle of 30 degrees.
(vi) Bale, Bail
He carried a bale of cotton.
The suspect was released on bail.
(vii) Bare, Bear
Do not walk bare footed on the ground.
I saw a bear within the zoo./ The columns bear the weight of the roof.
(viii) Berth, Birth
I reserved a berth in Shalimar train.
I don’t know my date of birth.
(ix) Beside, Besides
He stood beside her father.
I know Arabic besides English.
(x) Brake, Break
The brakes of the cycle failing on the method.
I cannot break this stick.
(xi) Bridle, Bridal
I bought a bridle for my horse.
She is putting on her bridal dress.

Pair of Words from A to Z group 2 “Pairs Starts With C-D”
(i) Cool, Cold
A cool breeze sweptwing off the sea; it absolutely was pleasant out there.
My teeth chattered with the cold.
(ii) Cloth, Clothe
Amna bought some cloth from the market.
Ahmed is wearing colorful clothes.
(ii) Cell, Sell
The prisoner was brought out of the cell.
I cannot sell my watch.
(iii) Compare, Contrast
Is it proper to compare the human brain to a laptop?
There is a contrast in what he says and what he will.
(iv) Check, Cheque
Please check my accounts.
He issued a cheque for Rs. 100.
(v) Cite, Sight, Site
He cited the verses of Holy Quran.
His eye sight is weak.
This is the most effective site for gap a faculty.
(vi) Course, Coarse
You have adopted a wrong course.
He is dressed in coarse clothes.
(vii) Corpse, Corps
A corpse was seen floating in the river.
He is the member of college sports corps.
(viii) Deny, Refuse
He denied having told a lie.
Maham refused to help Ali in the hour of need.
(vii) Device, Devise
Zakat may be a smart device to assist the poor.
He devised a plan.
(viii) Diary, Dairy
I write every event in my diary.
Hanif brought milk from the dairy.
(ix) Dew, Due
The grass is wet with early-morning dew.
He couldn’t return to high school due to ill health.
(x) Die, Dye
He died of cancer.
Naila had been dyeing her hair for years.
(xi) Dose, Doze
I take one dose of drugs early within the morning.
It is not right to mention that I doze at school.
(xii) Droop, Drop
Branches of the plants droop in summer.
The drops of rain splashed on the ground.
(xiii) Dual, Duel
We sit on dual desks.
Ali and Azam fought a duel.

Pair of Words from A to Z group 3 “Pairs Starts With E-F”
(i) Elder, Older
Arslan is my elder brother.
Lahore is an older city than Islamabad.
(ii) Eligible, Illegible
He is not eligible for this post.
He has an illegible handwriting.
(iii) Except, Accept
Everybody was present at the part except Amna.
Please Accept my congratulations wishes on your success.
(iv) Expect, Hope
I expect to urge smart marks within the coming back examination.
Everything that’s drained the globe is completed by hope.
(v) Feet, Feat
The cat has four feet.
Everyone liked the juggler’s feats.
(vi) Flour, Floor
We make bread with flour.
Do not sit on the floor.
(vii) Fair, Fare
Amna’s complexion is fair with blue eyes. / We must play fair.
He paid the railway fare.
(viii) Foul, Fowl
There is an excessive amount of foul language on TV currently.
He keeps fowls in his house.

Pair Words Group “Pairs Starts With G-H”
(i) Gate, Gait
We entered through the gate.
She walks with a different gait.
(ii) Gaol, Goal
The prisoner was sent to the gaol.
My goal in life is to end up a physician.
(iii) Heel, Heal
(a) The heel of this shoe is simply too high on behalf of me.
(b) Time can heal the pain of grief.
(iv) Healthy, Healthful
He is a healthy boy.
Milk is healthful for our body.
(v) Hale, Hail
He is quite hale and hearty.
It hails in hills.
(vi) Hare, Hair
The hare runs very fast.
She has curly hair.
(vii) Hole, Whole
The snake came out of a hole.
Tell me the whole story.
(viii) Human, Humane
We are human beings.
Helping the poor is a humane act.

Pair of Words Group
Pairs Starts With I-L
(i) Idle, Idol
Do not sit idle.
The Hindus worship idols.
(ii) Invent, Discover
Marconi invented radio.
Columbus discovered America.
(iii) Ice, Snow
People use ice in summer.
Snow is falling on the mountains.
(iv) Loose, Lose
If you work too exhausting, you may lose your health.
Loose the knot, please.
(v) Lesson, Lessen
The first lesson of our book is easy.
Your letter has lessened my grief.
(vi) Letter, Latter
I have written a letter to my friend.
Of wealth and health, the latter is additional necessary.
(vii) Liar, Lawyer
Akbar is a liar. He always tells lies.
I have to rent a lawyer to traumatize my monetary matters
(viii) Lovely, Lovable
The rose is a lovely flower.
She contains a anger, however she continues to be lovable.

Pair of Words Group –
Pairs Starts With M-N

(i) Medal, Meddle
He was awarded a medal for bravery.
Do not meddle with my affairs.
(ii) Meet, Meat
Where did you meet him?
Meat is served in every hotel of Pakistan.
(iii) Metal, Mettle
Gold is an expensive metal.
The team showed their true mettle within the last half.
(iv) Marry, Merry
She married a rich man.
Merry Eat, drink and be merry.
(v) Miner, Minor
He is a coal miner by profession.
The problem is a miner one. We can solve it easily.
(vi) Necessity, Necessary
Bread is the basic necessity of our lives.
It is necessary for the students to do their home work.

Pair of Words Group –
Pairs Starts With O to p

(i) Observation, Observance
The patient is under observation in hospital.
Observance of laws is necessary for every citizen.
(ii) Prophet, Profit
He earned huge profit in that deal.
Prophets convey Allah’s message to human being.
(iii) Populous, Popular
Shanghai is that the most populous town within the world.
Azam is a popular singer.
(iv) Principal, Principle
The principal of the college is on leave.
Quaid-e-Azam was a man of principles.
(v) Piece, Peace
He cut the pizza into four pieces.
After a few years of war, folks on each side were probing for peace.
(vi) Prey, Pray
He fell a prey to malaria.
We prayed to God for the sick child.
(vii) People, Peoples
People of Pakistan love their country.
Representatives of different peoples were present in the meeting.
(viii) Pore, Pour
There are many pores in our body.
Pour some water into the jug.

Pair of words group Q to S
(i) Quiet, Quite
Please be quiet. The baby is asleep.
Your answer is quite right.
(ii) Respectable, Respectful
Nayab belongs to a respectable family.
He is always respectful to his teachers.
(iii) Rein, Rain
The rider force on the reins, and also the horse began to block.
It has been raining since morning.
(iv) Rob, Steal
The robbers threatened the girl and robbed her of her cash.
A thief skint into his house and stole cash and jewelry.
(v) Role, Roll
Schools play an important role in society.
His name was at the highest within the roll.
(vi) Root, Route
All trees have roots.
The land route is safer than sea route.
(vii) Story, Storey
My grandmother told me an interesting story.
He lives on the upper storey.
(viii) Sail, Sale
They opened the sails of the boat.
This car is for sale.
(ix) Sinking, Drowning
Titanic sank in the North Atlantic Ocean in 1912.
Many people drowned in the flood.
(x) Stationary, Stationery
The earth is not stationary.
I bought stationery for the office.
(xi) Sole, Soul
Mend the sole of my shoe.
May his soul rest in peace!
(xii) Scene, Seen
She has pained beautiful scenes of rural life.
I have seen her after a long time.

Pairs Starts With T-V-W-Y
(i) Teach, Learn
Mr. Junaid teaches us English.
We learn English from Mr. Junaid.
(ii) Team, Teem
Our cricket team did not qualify for the ultimate.
This pond teems with fish.
(iii) Urbane, Urban
Her manners are fine and urbane.
human beings migrate to urban areas for training and employment.
(iii) Vain, Vein
The thirsty crow searched for water every where but all in vain.
Our veins are found just under the skin.
(vi) Vale, Veil
The vale of Kashmir is known for its beauty.
The world is a veil of sorrows.
(vii) Wine, Vine
Muslims are not allowed to drink wine because it is haram.
The fox saw some ripe juicy grapes hanging from a vine.
(viii) Waste, Waist
Do not waste your time.
He put his arm around her waist.
(ix) Write, Right
Please write my name.
It is not right to call others names.
(x) Wave, Waive
The sound of waves was breaking on the sea shore.
The regulation was waived in favour of the candidates.
(xi) Way, Weight
Can you tell me the way to Quaid’s tomb?
The baby weighed seven pounds once he was born.
(xii) Weak, Week
He has a weak health.
A week has seven days.
(xiii) Yoke , Yolk
He has a yoke of oxen.
The yolk of egg is nourishing food.

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