Pair of Words From A to Z


Use the following pair of words in your own sentences.

Pair of Words from A to Z group 1 “Pairs Starts With A-B”
(i) Affect, Effect
Smoking affects lungs.
My words have no effect on him.

(ii) Advice, Advise
He gave me a good piece of advice. Or
He advised me not to miss my classes.
(iii) Alter, Altar
The nature of God never alters.
People brought the animal to the altar.

(iv) Altogether, All together
There were altogether 20 people at the dinner.
They went to watch the movie all together.
(v) Angels, Angles
God sent his message through angels. Or
Draw an angle of 30 degrees.
(vi) Bale, Bail
He carried a bale of cotton.
The suspect was released on bail.
(vii) Bare, Bear
Do not walk bare footed on the ground.
I saw a bear within the zoo./ The columns bear the weight of the roof.
(viii) Berth, Birth
I reserved a berth in Shalimar train.
I don’t know my date of birth.
(ix) Beside, Besides
He stood beside her father.
I know Arabic besides English.
(x) Brake, Break
The brakes of the cycle failing on the method.
I cannot break this stick.
(xi) Bridle, Bridal
I bought a bridle for my horse.
She is putting on her bridal dress.

Pair of Words from A to Z group 2 “Pairs Starts With C-D”
(i) Cool, Cold
A cool breeze sweptwing off the sea; it absolutely was pleasant out there.
My teeth chattered with the cold.
(ii) Cloth, Clothe
Amna bought some cloth from the market.
Ahmed is wearing colorful clothes.
(ii) Cell, Sell
The prisoner was brought out of the cell.
I cannot sell my watch.
(iii) Compare, Contrast
Is it proper to compare the human brain to a laptop?
There is a contrast in what he says and what he will.
(iv) Check, Cheque
Please check my accounts.
He issued a cheque for Rs. 100.
(v) Cite, Sight, Site
He cited the verses of Holy Quran.
His eye sight is weak.
This is the most effective site for gap a faculty.
(vi) Course, Coarse
You have adopted a wrong course.
He is dressed in coarse clothes.
(vii) Corpse, Corps
A corpse was seen floating in the river.
He is the member of college sports corps.
(viii) Deny, Refuse
He denied having told a lie.
Maham refused to help Ali in the hour of need.
(vii) Device, Devise
Zakat may be a smart device to assist the poor.
He devised a plan.
(viii) Diary, Dairy
I write every event in my diary.
Hanif brought milk from the dairy.
(ix) Dew, Due
The grass is wet with early-morning dew.
He couldn’t return to high school due to ill health.
(x) Die, Dye
He died of cancer.
Naila had been dyeing her hair for years.
(xi) Dose, Doze
I take one dose of drugs early within the morning.
It is not right to mention that I doze at school.
(xii) Droop, Drop
Branches of the plants droop in summer.
The drops of rain splashed on the ground.
(xiii) Dual, Duel
We sit on dual desks.
Ali and Azam fought a duel.

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