NTS Educator Teacher Past Paper CT-2016 Solved

General Science

Which of the following is different from others?

a) Butterfly

b) Spider

c) Grass hoper

d) Bug

e) Fish


Note: Answers of all the questions are at the end of the article.

When we add soda in flour what will happen?

a) Flour will be spoiled

b) Flour will turn black

c) Flour will be raised up

d) Lumps will be formed

Decomposers decompose the larger substances into simpler which increase the ______

a) Fertility of the soil

b) Temperature of the soil

c) Humidity of the soil

d) PH of the soil

Tongue has sensory cells called ______

a) Taste sprout

b) Flavour buds

c) Palate buds

d) Taste buds


All the food chains begin with _______

a) Plant

b) Animal

c) Microbes

d) Plants and animals


Which one of the following action is involuntary?

a) Walking

b) Talking

c) Running

d) Pumping of the blood


In mitosis number of chromosomes are_______

a) Double from parent cell

b) Half from parent cell

c) Different from parent cell

d) Same as parent cell


_______ is the path through which electric current passes

a) Electric Change

b) Electric route

c) Electric circuit

d) Electric arc


_______ is the smallest particle

a) Molecule

b) Atom

c) Compound

d) Free radical


For the manufacturing of lead pencil _____ is used

a) Sulphur

b) Nitrogen

c) Oxygen

d) Carbon


Solution which has less solute is called

a) Rigorous solution

b) Concentrated solution

c) Dilute solution

d) Intense solution


Type of machine that works with other mechanical parts in order to alter the relation between the speed of a driving mechanism, is ________

a )Gear

b) Wedge

c) Wheel

d) Lever


Fungi produce their food generally by _____ of material on which they grow.

a) Photosynthesis

b) Decomposition

c) Crystallization

d) Re_Crystallization

e) Condensation


Frictional force operates in the direction____

a) Parellel to applied force

b) Opposite to applied force

c) At right angel to applied force

d) Parallel to increase velocity

e) Parallel to acceleration produces


Strength of magnetic field is always greatest at ______

a) Center of magnet

b) Poles of magnet

c) Lateral side of magnet

d) Dorsal side of magnet

e) Periphery of magnet


By super cooling Carbon Dioxide can be converted into _____

a) Common salt

b) Plaster of Paris

c) Table salt

d) Dry ice

e) Dry foam


The simplist form of machine is _____

a) Fixed pulley

b) Lever

c) Wheel

d) Gear

e) Moveable pulley


The best medium for transmittance of natural sound wave is ______

a) Wood

b) Vacuum

c) Iron

d) Water

e) Air


Which of the following produces harmful gases?

a) Plants

b) Animals

c) Bacteria

d) Vehicle


Which of the following enzymes are secreted by salivery glands?

a) Ptyaline

b) Pepsin

c) Bile

d) Lactase


In animal cells centriole are involved in the ______

a) Energy production

b) Store waste material

c) Cell division

d) Protein formation


How many circular canals are present in inner ear?

a) One

b) Two

c) Four

d) Three


Light has ______ effect on photosynthesis.

a) Indirect

b) Harmful

c) Direct

d) Insignificant


Diarrhoea is a condition when:

a) Less water retain in large intestine

b) Less water retain in small intestine

c) More water retain in small intestine

d) More water retain in large intestine

In sexual reproduction ______

a) No new character is formed

b) Double fertilization takes place

c) Two parents are involved

d) Sex organs are not involved


Social Studies



Quaid Azam joined all india muslim league when the league adopted _____

a) Secularism

b) Islamic ideology

c) Self rule

d) Idea of separate state


________ were the two sons of Shah Wali Ullah who translated Holy Quran in Urdu.

Abdul Aziz and Rafi-Uddin

Rafi-Ud-Din and Abdul Ghani

Abdul Qadir and Rafi-Ud-Din

Abdul Aziz and Abdul Ghani


In 1947 East Pakistan produced ______ percent of the world jute

A) 50

B) 60

C) 70

D) 80


According to Indus water Treaty, Pakistan had to build _____ barrages

A) 3

B) 5

C) 7

D) 9


When ______ resigned as president of Awami league, Mujeeb became president.

A) Hussain Shaheed Suharwardy

B) Maulana Bashani

C) Nur-Ul-Amin

D) Fazal-Ul-Haq


Import duties on British goods to India were abolished by _____

A) Duffer

B) Ripon

C) Lytton

D) Curzon


Day of Deliverance was celebrated by All India Muslim leagues to celebrate: A. The acceptance of Muslim demands by the British B. British retreat at the hand of Germany C. The end of second world war D. The end of congress Rule

Under PRODA complaints could be made to: . A. Governor General B. Prime Minister C. Secretary General D. Chief Minster

Before Chaudhry Muhammad Ali was appointed prime Minister he was serving as A_ Secretary General B. Ambassador to the USA C. Interior Minister D. Finance Minister


Scientists’ estimate that the tectonic plates move about centimetre a year.

A. 8 B. 10 C. 13 D. 16


180° degree longitude line is called: A. Greenwich line B. International Date line C. Tropic of Cancer. D. Tropic of Capricorn


Power generation stations use of the total natural gas produced in

Pakistan. A. One fifth

one fourth

one third D. Almost half

The MOST valuable exports are usually: A. Missiles B. Textile products C. Food items D. Manufactured goods

In his last expedition Columbus discovered: A. Brazil B. Mexico C. Panama D. chile .


There are types of maps, used to locate a particular part of the world. A. 2 B. 3 C. 4 D.5 E. 6

In South of Koh-i-Suliman, the Koh-i-Kirthar is stretched to separate  A. Balochistan from Punjab B. Balochis-tan from Sindh C. KPK from Balochistan D. KPK from Punjab E. Kashmir from KPK



Many times at some places the wind starts blowing in circular motion which is called twister but if these rings of winds cover an area of several kilometers then it is called  A. Tornado B. Cyclone C. Hurricane D. Whirlwind E. Storm

Muhammad Bin Qasim defeated and took over Sindh in 712 A.D. A. Raja Jaichand B. Raja Jayapala C. Raja jeipal D. Rajalakhana ( Udaya ) E. Raja Dahir

On partition of Bengal, Muslims were  A. Distributed B. Disappointed C. Happy D. Sad 45. In Nehru report, were suggested as a national language. A. Urdu B. English C. Bengali D. Hindi




The academic time set by the Ministry of education is called A. Transition Time B.. Mandated time C. Allocated time D. On-taktime•

Following is an example of classroom routines of.a teacher A. Assignment of project B. Preparation of annual classroom agenda C. Collecting and returning books D. Field trips scheduling

The trait which enables the counseloP to understand issues of a client from his own

frame of reference is known as: A. Warmth B. Genuineness

Congruence D. Empathy

A fairly informal setting in which four to six participants with a chair person discuss a topic among themselves while the rest of the class listens, is known as: A. Debate Session B. Symposium C. Public defense D. Panel Discussion


A paper pencil test is a test in which: A. Student are presented with questions to answer, topics to address, or problems to solve, and write answer on paper. B. Standardized tests measure how much a student has learned in specific content areas such as reading, comprehension etc. C. A Standardized instrument Is designed to reveal aspects of an individual’s character or psychological makeup. D. The examiner and the students know how well they have learnt particular course elements and are typically done at the end of course book units or recent class work.

The type of questions which can be answered in several ways, is called as A. Divergent B. Convergent C. Low level D. high level

Thinking skill of “attending to selected pieces of information while ignoring other stimuli”  is called as A. Organizing • B. Gathering C. Remembering D. Focusing


Which of the following is an example of verbal communication?

Gestures C. Body language

Telephone call D. How we dress

Learners make sense of the world not only by means of internal process but also through the social dimension of learning. This interaction happens under:

Construction B. Cognitivism Behaviorisrn D. Connectivism

Which strategy of critical thinking is involved in “recognizing the relevance and/or merit of alternative assumptions and perspectives”? A. Judgement B. Reflection C. Setf-awareness D. Discipline



Question 61-66 are based on the following passage. Trees are the garments of the Earth. Trees and green plants increase the beauty of the Earth. Without trees and plants, the Earth looks barren. Life without trees and plants is impossible. Trees need carbon dioxide for making their food. But it is harmful to human beings and animals. The trees release oxygen which is important for living beings. Fruits like, mangoes, apples, almonds, guava, loquat, berries, plums, apricots, orange, lemon, pomegranate, fig and lechi etc. grow on trees. These fruits provide us vitamins. Trees provide shade in the summer. We take rest under the shade of trees in the hot summer, The green leaves of trees are the food of goats, sheep and camels. They are also habitat for birds because the birds make their nests in trees. Honey-bees also make their bee-hives in trees and plants. Trees also provide us wood for burning, furniture, doors, windows and sports goods. Trees reduce soil erosion. They make the environment cool and pleasant. They decrease heat and “causerainfall. We should grow more trees to make our environment clean and pleasant .

Trees ______ the surface of the earth. C. Compare C. hydrogen A. Close . B.:Colour D. Cover E. Create

Trees produce _______  A. Carbon dioxide B. Calcium carbonate D. nitrogen E. oxygen

Fruits are a source of________  A. Carbohydrates B. fats C. minerals D. vitamins . E. water “

Trees also provide _______ in summer_ – A. food B. fruits . C. moisture D. shade wood

Animals get ________ from trees. A. food B. help C. oxygen D. power E. water

Trees _______ soil. A. Increase 13. produce C. protect D. saturate E. spoil


Read the following passage and correct the underlined errors (if any) next to each question from options given below. (questions 67-72) A fox met a cat to a field. The fox say politely, ‘Good morning, Mrs cat. You are looking very beautiful this morning.’ The cat answered proudly, ‘Yes. Mr Fox I know that I am Beautiful. Cats are the most beautiful of all animals. We has finer coats, greener eyes and more graceful tails than any other animal.’ ‘perhaps that is true’; replied the fox, ‘but a fox is clever than any other animal. He knows all tricks. Foxes has much more intelligent than cats.’ ‘Clever?’ said the cat. ‘can you catch rats? Does your master give you warm milk to drink? I don’t think you are clever.’ The fox laughed. ‘We soon be shall able to test our cleverness. The dogs them. How many tricks do you know, Mrs Cat?’


A fox met a cat = – a field. A. to B. from C. for D.in

The fox politely, “Go-od morning, Mrs cat.’ A. say B. says C. said _ D. saying

The correct form of the Sentence, ‘Yes, Mr Fox l know that I am beautiful,’ is A. ‘Yes, Mr Fox I Know that I am beautiful.’ B. ‘Yes, Mr Fox, I KnOw that I am beautiful.’ C. ‘Yes Mr Fox I Know that i arnbeautiful.’ D. ‘Yes Mr Fox, I Know that I am beautiful’

we -finer coats, greener eyes and more graceful tails than any other animal. A. has B. have C. had D. are

Foxes much more intelligent than cats. A. has B. is C. have D. are

The correct form of the sentence: ‘We soon be shall able to test our cleverness,’ is:

We soon be shall able to test our cleverness B. We soon be able shall to test our cleverness C. We be soon shall able to test our cleverness D. We shall soon be able to test our cleverness

A prig is one who rules. A. bresks B. decides C. disobeys D. makes E. obeys

“The have some big diamonds°. Change into negative sentence. A. I had not big diamonds. B. I not have big diamonds. – C. I do not have big diamonds. D. I does not have diamonds.

The press can change the fate of a country. The antonym for underlined word is: A. luck B. destiny . C. chance D. misfortune

76, All is that boy we have been looking for all day. Identify the proper noun. A. Ali B. day . C. boy D. looking

Complete the following sentence: “They are poor they are honest.” A. and –  B. but C. While D. or

Questions 78-80 are based on the following passage. Today more and more people live in cities. As a result, there is a lot of traffic. The roads are too narrow. Some roads are broken and there are pits and ditches in them. The result is that there are many accidents. Why do accidents happen? Some people say it is the fault of the people who use the roads. If every road-user is careful, there will be no • accidents. To avoid accidents, we must improve our roads. Our roads should be straight and smooth.

An antonym for ‘narrow’ is

alone B. big C. broad

If a road has pits and ditches, it is not  A. clean B. dangerouS C. even


To improve our roads; means we to make their condition A. better B. difficult C. easy

srnallE. weak D. useful E. wide D. quick E. small







The perimeter of a rectangle having length Scm and breadth 3cm is: A. 8 cm B. 12 cm C. 16 cm D.20 cm E. 15 cm

A soap industry makes 100 cartons in 9 days with the help of 20 machines. How many cartons can be made in 12 days with the help of 18 machines? A. 700 cartons B. 720 cartons C. 750 cartons D. 800 cartons

Ahmad bought 4 books for Rs. 320. The average cost of each book is: A. 76 B. 77 C. 80 D. 81- E. 82

Two hundred million when written in numerals has number of zeros: A.9 B.8 C. 7 D. 6 E.5

The quotient of the expression 10 2 is: A. 6 B. 5 C. 4 D. 3 E.0

The solution of the expression 4x(8-5) is:

12+ (4+2) =

A.6 B.7 C. 17 D. 12 12 +( A.12 B. 14 C. 17 0.19


A picture graph is shown. 1 apple means 10 kg apples on this graph.

Nabeela 3 Apples
Akram 2 Apples
Usman 1 Apple


Nabeela has how many apples in kg? A. 10 kg B. 30 kg

20 kg D. 5 kg

The weight of 25 bags of sugar is 650 kg. The weight of 50 bags of sugar will be: A. Rs. 1350 B. Rs. 1300 C. 1305 D. Rs. 1200 E.Rs 1250

Yasir earns Rs. 450 per day, his monthly income is:

Rs. 13000 D. Rs. 12800

Rs. 13500 E. Rs. 13100


Find the value of x in the expression 7 x -5 = 9 A. 0 B. 1 C. -2 . D. 2


Name the following shape.


















(x + 3y) — ( 4x — y) =?

-3x +4y

-3x + 2y





(2x2) (5y + x4) = ?


10x3+ 2x6

10x2y + 2x8

5x2y + 2x6

10x2y + 2x6

7x2y + 2x6


Sum of two number is 90 and difference is 40, the greater number is: A. 70 B. 65 C. 60 D. 55 E. 25







An angle with measure 360* is called:

Straight angle

Obtuse angle C. Acute angleD. Right angle

Complete angle

The weight of 6 students (in kg) is given below:

25,29,32,27,35,38 Find the average weight of 6 students?

Subtract 3×2 + 4x 5 from 6×2 — 7x + 7

12×1 + 35x+ 35 B. 124+35x-35 C. 3×2— llx + 2 D. 3×4 — 11x + 2


(50)2— (20)2 A. 400 B. 1600 C. 2100 D. 2480


Perimeter of a rectangle is 32 meter and its length is 4 cm more than its breadth. What is its length? A.6 B. 10 C. 12 D. 15





1 E  21 C 41 A 61 D 81 C

2 C  22 D 42 B 62 E 82 B

3 A  23 C 43 E 63 D 83 C

4 D  24 D 44 C 64 D 84 B

5 A  25 C 45 D 65 A 85 B

6 D  25 C 46 66 C 86 D

7 D  27 D 47 67 D 87 E

8 C  28 C 48 68 C 88 B

9 B  29 .B 49 69 B 89 B

10 D  30 B 50 70 B 90 B

11 C 31 C ._,51 B 71 D 91 C

12 A  32 D 52 C 72 D 92 D

13 B  33 53 D 73 E 93 A

14 B  34 D . 54 • D 74 C 94 D

15 B  35 B 55 A 75 D 95

16 D  36  B 5 6 76 B 96

17 C  37 C 57 D 77 B E 97

18 E  38 58 B 78 A  98 C

19D 39C 59A 79C 99C

20A 40B 60A 80A 100B

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