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Mustard Plant – Short Note

Mustard plant: Mustard plant (scientific name: Brassica campestris) is sown in winter and it produces seeds at the end of winter. The plant body is used as vegetable and its seeds are used for extracting oil. The organs of the body can be divided into two groups on the basis of their functions. Root, stem, branches and leaves are the vegetative organs, which do not take part in the sexual reproduction of the plant. Flowers are the reproductive parts of the plant because they take part in sexual reproduction and produce fruits and seeds.


  • Common name … Mustard
    KINGDOM … Plantae
    DIVISION … Tracheophyta
    CLASS … Dicotyledonae
    ORDER … Capparales
    FAMILY … Brassicaceae
    GENUS … Brassica
    SPECIES … Campestris
    SCIENTIFIC NAME … Brassica Campestris

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