Fasting (Roza or Ramazan) Questions and Answers

Interesting Information About Fasting (Roza or Ramazan)   Question: What is the literal meaning of Fast? Answer: Fast means to stop.   Question: Describe the advise of Hazrat Isa A.s to his followers? Answer: Hazrat Isa (AS) Kept 40 fasts in desert and advised his followers to follow it.   Question: What is the pre-requisite […]

Questions and Answers About Hajj

Questions and Answers About Hajj   Hajj means to  intend. Hajj made compulsory in 9 H. First Hajj offered in 9 H. Hajj ordained in Surah Baqara. The holy prophet performed only 1 Hajj in 10th H. There are 3 types of Hajj. One tawaf of Kaaba is known as Shoot. Tawaf begins from Shoot. […]

Islamic Studies Questions and Answers

Islamic Studies Questions and Answers   Question: What is meant by Istelaam? Answer: Istalam is kissing of Hajr Aswad.Islam has 2 major sects.   Question: How many fundamentals are in Islam? Answer: There are 5 fundaments of Islam.   Question. What are the number of faith? Answer: Two types of faith.   What are the […]