Class 8th Science MCQs

Class 8th Science MCQs The unit of nervous system is_________ A) Neuron B) Nephron C) Hormone D) Both A and B   The collection of neuron cell bodies is called grey matter_______ A) White matter B) Grey matter C) Spinal cord D) Nerve cells   The collection of axons is called_______ A) White matter B) […]

Class 7th Science MCQs

Class 7th Science MCQs   A soft mass of slippery food when pass through oral cavity is called ……. A) Chime B) Bile C) Bolus D) All of the above

Class 6th Science MCQs

Class 6th Science MCQs   1.. Microscope is an instrument which helps us to see ________ A) Large objects B) Small objects C) Far objects D) All of the above