Study groups accelerate the learning process. It enables students to share their knowledge with each other. Following are some reasons why study groups are important.

1. Learn Faster: Learning in study groups solve lot of problems. It gives students the opportunity to learn from other friends. Students also share their resources with each other and in this way one can get benefits from the resources of other students.

2. Identify Solution to a Problem: Group studies identify issues and are useful for exploring them as well. To solve problem related to any student each and every student share their own opinion and thus solution to the problem became possible.

3. Getting Students to Open Up or to Create Confidence in Students: This gives children confidence and makes them successful in life. It creates a sense of confidence in students and enables students to share their own idea. In other words, we can say that it is a milestone in children’s progress.

4. Increase Interest or Engage Students in Learning: By following other studious buddies in studies, it increases the interest of students to study more and thus engage students and long learning process.

5. Leadership Skill: It creates a sense of leaderships in students. When a student observe that he must have the ability to share his point of view with others, he want to get benefit of his this action and show a dominant attitude in front of others. This enables the student to become a leader in the near future.

6. It Helps in Generating More Ideas about a Topic: During group discussion each and every student shares his own idea, so there are lot of chances to learn from others and thus generate more ideas.

7. Provide Feedback of the Teacher as well as Students: Group discussion enables us to find the gaps in teaching and learning process. During group discussion one can find his issues and find a way to solve his issues in a proper way. Group discussion also identifies the gaps of the teacher. It identifies the subject area where the teacher failed to create meaningful sense.

8. Getting to Students to Open Up: It gets the students to open up with each other and with the teachers. It increases the possibilities of sharing own ideas. It creates leadership qualities in students.

9. Provide a Goal: Students from their colleague, why they are here. They identify the aim of learning. They identify the proper goal that they have to give exam and to gain good jobs in future.

10. Reduce Pressure: Group discussion reduce burden on the students. It is difficult for a student to study every topic. They share their own understanding related to a topic and gain positive answers from each other. This leads to reduce stress on students.

11. Generate New Ideas: Group discussion is the main source to generate new ideas. During group discussion each and every student shares their own idea, so one can be able to use the idea of the other.

12. Provides Different Approaches for Solving a Specific Problem: It enable students to use the method of study of another friend and also enable the students to follow him in studying.

13. Get Better Grades: The main aim of teaching learning process is to get better grades. The group discussion increases the creativity and knowledge and thus they have the ability to pass their exams in good grades.

14. Learn New Study Skills: During group discussion everyone share his own idea and thus help in creating new skills in learners.

15. Motivate and Inspire: By observing other studious students one can get engaged into study, so it is a good source of motivation.

16. Fill the Gaps: Group discussion fills the gaps. The students find their weaknesses and learn how to solve their problems.

17. Provide Different Understandings: As we already stated that during group discussion each student shares his own idea, so it enables the students to gain different understandings relative to the same topic.

18. Give Opportunity to Students to Learn from Others: As each students share their own idea so it give opportunity to each student to learn from others.

19: Create Team Building Exercise: Students in a group share ideas with each other and working as a unity, so creates a team building exercise.

20. Enhance Oral Skill: It enhances communication skill of the students.

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