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17 Study Skills- How to Concentrate on Study

How to Concentrate on Study

17 Important Tips – How to Concentrate on Study

Concentrate means to give full attention or to focus. Concentration is the most difficult thing for a student during his or her study. Study is a difficult task whether you are a high school student or a PhD or Post Doctorate student. Some important tips are as under.

  1. Study in Quiet Place: The most important factor is where to study. Study at a quiet place. It may be a library, a room at one side of the house or a garden. Put all the electronic devices to sleep before starting study.
  2. Avoid Other Activities during Study Time: Avoid all other activities like using mobile phones, other electronic devices. Playing with your computer or phone create disturbance. Try to avoid such factors.
  3. Make a Proper Time Table: Pick the good times for your study. Break the time. After a 30 or an hour of study take rest of 5 or 6 minutes. Try to study the difficult subjects first or study the difficult subjects at that time when you are full of energy.
  4. Avoid Smart Phones (Mobile Phones) and computer or other distracting resources: Do not use your mobile phone during study hours or block the distracting websites and software.
  5. Find the Meaning or Understand the Topic: Understand the topic. Find the meaning of the difficult words. Translate the sentences into your own language. Meaningful learning is outcome based study. Meaningful is a source of pleasure. It also increases your interest in study.
  6. Avoid Saying “No” and Always Say I Can Do: Avoid negative thoughts. Always think positive. Nothing is impossible and everything is possible in the world. If you do hard and smart work, you would face no difficulty. If you face difficulty in a topic take help of your friends, teachers and family members.
  7. Find the Best Tools and Best Books: Find the best, easy and meaningful books for study. Book that is easy is a source of pleasure. If you follow more than one books or notes for study, then make proper notes. And only read these notes during the exam days. This will save your time and give you comfort in your studies.
  8. Study Difficult Topics at the Beginning of the Day: While at the beginning of the day after a proper sleep and breakfast, you are likely to be more energetic. Take benefit of this time and start studying difficult topics or subjects first. If you are more energetic during another time, then try to study difficult subjects at that time.
  9. Get a Studious Buddy:  A studious friend is one of the best choices. Do not compare yourself with others but try to do the same way that the other good students do.

10: Use a Motivating Factor: Try to use an environment that is motivating. People around you are hard worker and your supporters. Take a proper diet and sleep. Eat nutrients rich diet to maintain your energy level. After some time of study take a short exercise for refreshment.

  1. Do not Expect Immediate Results: Remember that the fruits of hard work are indispensable but it takes some time. Look at your teacher; he gets paid after a month. Do hard and smart work quietly and wait for a fruitful result at the end.
  2. Make Notes On the Concepts: Take main points of the topics and try to make your own notes in your own words. It help you a lot because your own are easily understandable and to the point.
  3. Have Everything You Need to Study: At the time of study you have access to the study aids. Try visual aids, audio aids, etc. at proper time. Try to use related notes and books also.
  4. Try to Avoid Todays Work for Tomorrow: Do not leave todays work for tomorrow. Working on time reduces stress.
  5. Interest: Your willing and interest make impossible as possible. Make yourself accustomed to studying and don’t waste time.
  6. Study as a Source of Enjoyment: Make your study as a source of pleasure. It is possible in different ways, For example using meaningful books and notes, etc. Try a proper time table and avoid studying anytime.
  7. Be the Tortoise: Study slow and continuously leads to success. Avoid to study all the books or topics at one time.


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