History of Formulation of Cell Theory


Cell is the basic structural and functional unit of life (living organisms)

Ancient Greeks for the first time organized biological data about cells.

ARISTOTLE;- He state that plant and animals are somewhat related in their structures.

ROBERT HOOK:- He discovered cell in 1665.

ANTONIE VON LEEUENHOEK:- He observed microscopic or small creatures in pond and called them an animolecules (bacteria), this was the first observation of a living cell.

JEAN BAPTIST DE-La-mark (1809):- he proposed that “no body can have life if its parts are not cellular tissues”.

Mathias schleiden and Theodor Schwann:- cell theory was basically formulated by thes two biologists. Schlieden was a German botanist who stated that all plants are aggregation of individual cells which are fully independent.in 1839 Theodor schwann also stated that all animals are aggregation of individual cells which are fully independent. Thus Sclieden and Schwann proposed cell theory in its initial form and all credit goes to these two great scientists.

In 1885 Rudolf Virchow a German physician proposed that all cells arise from pre-existing cells. In 1862 Louis Pasteur provided experimental proof of this idea.


Basic Points of cell theory:- cell theory in its modern form include following principles;

  • All organisms are composed of one or more cells.
  • Cells are the smallest living things, the basic unit of organization of living organisms.
  • Cells arise by the divisions of pre-existing cells.

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