Muslim scientists have made great contributions to the study of science and we are aware of their success in different fields of science. Here we would summarize the work of Jabir Bin Hayan, Abdul Malik Asmai and Bu Ali Sina in the development of the present day knowledge of plants and animals.

Jabir Bin Hayan (721 – 815 AD): He was born in Iran and practiced medicine in Iraq. He introduced experimental investigation in chemistry and also wrote a number of books on plants and animals. His famous books are “Al-Nabatat” and “Al-Haywan”.

Abdul Malik Asmai (740 – 828 AD):He is considered the first Muslim scientist who studied animals in detail. His famous writings include “Al-Abil (camel)”, “Al-Khail (horse)”, “Al-Wahoosh (animal)”, and “Kalq al-ansan”.

Bu Ali Sina (980 – 1037 AD): He is honoured as the founder of medicine and called as Avicenna in the West. He was a physician, philosopher, astronomer and poet. One of his books “Al-Qanun-fi al-Tib” is known as the canon of medicine in West.

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