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7 Characteristics of Effective Learning Environment

Positive learning environment or Effective Learning Environment

A Positive learning environment is a gateway to learning. Following are the characteristics of an effective learning environment.

  1. Calm and Quite Place: Normally a student is able to study anywhere, like in library, room, garden etc. The most important place where learning is more effective is the library free of noise pollution or a room in your home where there is no distraction. The room which is situated at one side of the house is most suitable for effective learning. If such room is not available try to move outside the house and select an area like ground, where there is no disturbance.

  1. Avoid Use of Unnecessary Electronic Devices:Using electronic devices every time waste your time. Some devices like excessive use of mobile phone are harmful. If it is difficult to avoid phone then stop using the unnecessary software that gain your attention each and every time. Avoid placing Television and other electronic devices in study room or use these devices at a specific time.
  2. Flexibility or Study Room should have everything you need to help you study: As we already stated that avoid placing unnecessary electronic devices in the room. Instead of these place important devices and books that are helpful in your study. Make your room like a library. Try to arrange books in a proper pattern that gain your attention.
  3. A Motivating Environment: Motivating environment is one where opportunities of study are more. For Example a room in which studious people are present is also termed as motivating room. In a motivating room everything is properly arranged. A specific chair and books should be at the right place to promote learning process.
  4. Create a Sense of Order:Divide your time to equal breaks or create a proper time table for your study. Always try to manage the time in an order of regular interval. At the time of study avoid other activities.
  5. Have a Source of Background Music:In general words there are no relation among background music and study. But if you think positively the background music refresh one’s mind. Some studies suggest that there is no effect of background music on study. But some educationists stated that background music create a sense of relaxation and thus refresh students.
  6. Do not Change Your Study Place Regularly: An important factor in improving study is the study room. If the study room is appropriate, it feels comfortable to study. Changing the study room periodically affects the study.
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