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Discovery of Antimalarial (Anti-periodic) drug

Discovery of Antimalarial (Anti-periodic) drug   “OR”  Treatment of Malaria

Quinine (the antimalarial drug) was accidentally discovered in 17th century. According to one of the legend an Indian was lost in the jungle of the Andes ( Andes are the world’s longest exposed mountain range. They lie as the continuous chain of highlands along the western coast of South America). He was burning with fever from malaria.

He stumbled upon a pool of water. He drank some water to control his thirst. He found his strength returning. He did notice that the bark of Quina quina tree nearby had fallen into the water. A cure for malaria was thus born. The Quina quina tree was then used for malaria. Soon it became impossible to fulfill the demands of this plant. Therefore some dishonest merchants began to substitute the bark of another tree called cinchona, which closely resembled Quina quina. This mix up was beneficial to mankind. Because it was discovered that the bark of cinchona was excellent to cure malaria. Later on quinine was found in the bark of Cinchona.

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