CT past papers MCQs Unsolved

CT past papers MCQs


The relationship between voltage, current and resistance is described as

A) Ohm’s law

B) Boyle’s law

C) Joule – Thomson effect

D) Faraday ‘s law

Which medical technique is used to study CVDs (Arterial tree) by injecting a dye into an

artery of patient?

A) Open heart surgery


C) Angioplasty

D) Angiography.

Plastic is manufactured from petroleum by a process called

A) Pasteurization

B) Polymorphism

C) Polymerization

D) Distillation

In hospital’s operation theatres, spot lights have ……………. Mirrors

A) Plain

B) Convex

C) Concave

D) All of them

The last stage in life cycle of a star is

A) White dwarf

B) Black dwarfC) Blur dwarf

D) Red giant.

Which part of human ear helps in maintenance of body balance?

A) Cochlea

B) Tympanum

C) Ossicles

D) Pinna

Pakistan has launched its first geostationary satellite ………….. in 2011

A) Explorer- IR

B) Badr-IR

C) Paktel- IR

D) Paksat-IR

In African Savana, giraffes communicate with each other over distance of hundred miles


A) Infrasonic Waves

B) Specific body odours

C) Visionary clues

D) Migration

In a bicycle a combination of ……. & …….. Are used for driving.

A) Gear system, wheel and axle

B) Pulley system , gear system

C) Wheel and Axle , pulley system

D) All of them.

Scuba divers use a mixture of ——— in diving tanks for breathing under water.

A) N2 & O2

B) H2 & O2

C) He & O2

D) All of them.

Plasmid are found onlyA) Protozoa

B) Bacteria

C) Fungi

D) Algae

Damage to building and stone statues caused by acid rain is commonly called

A) Soil cancer

B) Global warming

C) Stone cancer

D) Deforestation

The most common and simple technique of chromatography is

A) Lon exchange chromatography

B) Thin layer chromatography

C) Paper chromatography

D) None of these.

Law of conservation of mass was put forward by in 1785.

A) Lavoisier

B) Faraday

C) Newton

D) Dalton

Which of the following is a derived quantity?

A) Time

B) Electric current

C) Intensity of light

D) Force

Initial designed for astronauts, liquid coded garments are now used by

A) Car cancer

B) Nuclear reactor workers

C) Both A and B

D) Scuba drivers Animals uses nitrogen in the form of

A) Protein

B) Nitrates

C) Ammonium ions

D) Nitrites

Which salt is used as laxative in medicine to treat constipation?

A) Copper sulphate

B) Sodium chloride

C) Baking soda

D) Magnesium sulphate

In the history of Indo – Pak , Aryan period is that when Aryans were living in the

of it

A) South east

B) North east

C) South west

D) East

Ghiyas Uddin Ruled for only Years

A) Seven

B) Six C)

Five D)


Nadvat ul Ulema started working in

A) 1985

B) 1896

C) 1898

D) 1897

The length of the coastal area of Pakistan is about Km.

A) 600

B) 800C) 1000

D) 1200

is located in high population density zone.

A) Western part of Asia

B) Central Europe

C) The Arabian peninsula

D) None of these

Qutb Uddin Aibak was the slave of

A) Firdausi

B) Muhammmad Ghauri

C) Razia Sultana

D) Muhammad Bin Qasim

reached Babylon where he died at the young age thirty three years in 323 BC.

A) Mussolini

B) Hitler

C) Alexander

D) Gupta

Mali and Haiti are countries

A) Developed

B) Under developed

C) Dominant

D) Circular

Talcum powder is made from

A) Gypsum

B) Soap Stone

C) Limestone

D) Magnesite

Cloth industry is one of the famous cloth industry of the world.

A) SargodhaB) Mianwali

C) Faisalabad

D) Taxila

GPS was developed by US department of defence in

A) 1970

B) 1973

C) 1976

D) 1979

More than 50% of the earth crust consist of plains

A) Indus

B) Low Land

C) Abyssal

D) None of these

Juma khan was the son of .

A) Mirza Ghalib

B) Aurangzeb Alamgir

C) Ghiyasuddin Tughluk

D) Feroz Shah

Malwa was annexed to by Allauddin Khilji in 1305.

A) Afghanistan

B) Lahore

C) Damascus

D) Delhi

Simon commission reached India on February .

A) 1927

B) 1930

C) 1929

D) 1928

Loed Wavell convened a conference of political parties in June 1945 in A) Delhi

B) Simla

C) Agra

D) Lucknow

Quit India movement was launched by the congress after the failure of

A) Cabinet mission

B) Cripps mission

C) Nehru report

D) Simla conference

Gave Jinnah the title of Quaid – e – Azam in 1937.

A) Maulana Hali

B) Maulana Mufti Mehmood

C) Maulana Mazhar Uddin

D) Maulana Zafar Ali Khan.

He asked me where I came apply the correct preposition.

A) Off

B) With

C) From

D) Out

Humility is a fine virtue. The underlined word means.

A) Brutality

B) Business

C) Kindness

D) Gentleness

One of my friends intends to go abroad. The underlined word means:

A) Thinks of

B) Jolts down

C) Pen down

D) Propagate He asked me , apply the correct clause.

A) If I could help him

B) That I have lost my pen

C) Whether he is same

D) Nor he deserves

Of the two boys, Ali is the brighter, the sentence belongs to the tense of:

A) Present Perfect

B) Present continuous

C) Present indefinite

D) Past indefinite

He replied that he , apply the correct verb.

A) Shall come

B) Can come

C) Will come

D) Would come

Neither of them present there, apply the correct verb.

A) Need

B) Were

C) Have

D) Was

The boy who stand first will get a prize. The underlined clause is :

A) Relative

B) Noun

C) Adverb

D) Principle

Aslam married Salma. Apply the preposition.

A) With

B) For

C) No prepositionD) To

He to work yesterday, apply the correct verb.

A) Does not come

B) Did not come

C) Has not come

D) Will not come

I wish that you come to the party. Apply the verb.

A) Would

B) Will

C) Shall

D) Can

The Indus is the largest river in Pakistan. The sentence is :

A) Interrogative

B) Exclamatory

C) Declarative

D) Imperative

The picture was hanged the wall. Apply the correct preposition.

A) On

B) Over

C) By

D) Above

Sarfraz Ahmed the captain has decided to come up the order. The underlined word is :

A) Noun as preposition

B) Adverb

C) Adjective

D) Noun as Subject

He has refuted my ideas for nothing but jealousy. The opposite to the underlined word


A) MuddledB) Spoiled

C) Supported

D) Adopted

He had rebuked her and she burst into .Apply the correct word:

A) Fears

B) Air

C) Laughter

D) Tears

They are discussing about important issue of Kashmir, Apply the correct Article.

A) A

B) An

C) Zero article

D) The

If she hard, she would have succeeded. Apply the correct word

A) Works

B) Hard worked

C) Has Worked

D) Worked

I cannot buy this book with money in my pocket .Apply the correct word

A) Little

B) A little

C) The little

D) Less

I shall make him obey me. The underlined word is :

A) Infinitive

B) Helping verb

C) Main verb

D) Gerund

If she does not come to the party, she shall miss much fun. The sentence belongs to :A) Zero conditional

B) 2nd conditional

C) 1st conditional

D) 3rd conditional

All my certification are attached herewith. The sentence is :

A) Active

B) Exclamatory

C) Imperative

D) Passive

I forbad him not to kill the dog. The underlined word mean;

A) Stopped

B) Allowed

C) Facilitated

D) Managed

Of the two plans, this is the _. Apply the most appropriates word;

A) Good

B) All wrong

C) Best

D) Better

The teacher asked had broken the chair. Apply the correct relative pronoun.

A) That

B) Which

C) Who

D) Whom

He encouraged his student’s the competition. Supply the correct verbs.

A) Win

B) Winning

C) To win

D) Won Pakistan the last match by an inning. Apply the correct verb;

A) Loss

B) Loses

C) Has lost

D) Lose

The books lying on the desk are not theirs. The underlined word is ;

A) Adjective

B) Adverb

C) Pronoun

D) Verb

He asked how it had hurt the plan. the underlined clause is;

A) Relative

B) Adjective

C) Noun

D) Adverb

I shall not help you _ you do not promise to act upon my advice. Apply the

correct conjunction.

A) Lest

B) Unless

C) Till

D) If

Each lung consist of around million alveoli.

A) 100

B) 300

C) 700

D) 500

Valency of Aluminium is

A) 1

B) 3C) 2

D) 4

What is the value of Cosec 30?

A) Square root of 2

B) 2

C) 1

D) ½

Which of the following assume to be true without any proof?

A) Given

B) Theorem

C) Basic assumption

D) To prove.

If two lines intersect each other , then the sum of four angles will be

A) 90

B) 180

C) 270

D) 360

Pythagoras was mathematician.

A) Greek

B) Latin

C) English

D) German

Lateral area of right circular cone is

A) Pie r^2

B) Pie rl

C) Pie r ( r+l)

D) 2pier^2

Which triangle is said to be regular polygon?

A) IsoscelesB) Scalene

C) Equilateral

D) Right-angled

What is constructivism?

A) Learning theory

B) Motive theory

C) Functional theory

D) Vocational theory

The practical aspect of the ideology of society is

A) Family

B) State

C) Community

D) Education

Which of the following trait is not concerned with measurement?

A) Comparison

B) Quantity

C) Number

D) Standard

The process of curriculum development s continuous and

A) Regular

B) Conical

C) Informative

D) Whirling

Which of the following is the most authentic source of knowledge?

A) Revelation

B) Experience

C) Sensation

D) Intuition.

Which of the following knowledge is restricted to the material word?A) Revealed knowledge

B) Scientific knowledge

C) Intuitive knowledge

D) Rational Knowledge

Who said “education is the process of training man to fulfil his aims by exercising all the

faculties to the fullest extent as a member of society. This aim is discovered by intellect

and by his freewill”

A) Plato

B) Aristotle

C) Ghazali

D) Huxley

A significant foundation of philosophy education is

A) Epistemology

B) Axiology C)

Ontology D)

All of them

The most important element of education system is

A) Aims of education

B) Curriculum

C) Instructional strategy

D) Examination

What is the synonym of pedagogy?

A) Human

B) Knowledge

C) Learning

D) Teaching

Qutb Uddin Aibak was the slave of

A) Firdaus

B) Muhammad GhauriC) Razia Sultana

D) Muhammad Bin Qasim

reached Babylon where he died at the young age thirty three years in 323 BC.

A) Mussolini

B) Hitler

C) Alexander

D) Gupta

Mai and Haiti are countries.

A) Developed

B) Under developed

C) Dominant

D) Circular

Talcum powder is made from

A) Gypsum

B) Soap stone

C) Limestone

D) Magnesite

Cloth industry is one of the famous cloth industry of the world.

E) Sargodha

F) Mianwali

G) Faisalabad

H) Taxila

GPS was developed by US department of defence in

E) 1970

F) 1973

G) 1976

H) 1979

More than 50% of the earth crust consist of plains

E) IndusF) Low Land

G) Abyssal

H) None of these

Juma khan was the son of .

E) Mirza Ghalib

F) Aurangzeb Alamgir

G) Ghiyasuddin Tughluk

H) Feroz Shah

Malwa was annexed to by Allauddin Khilji in 1305.

E) Afghanistan

F) Lahore

G) Damascus

H) Delhi

Simon commission reached India on February .

E) 1927

F) 1930

G) 1929

H) 1928

Loed Wavell convened a conference of political parties in June 1945 in

E) Delhi

F) Simla

G) Agra

H) Lucknow

Quit India movement was launched by the congress after the failure of

E) Cabinet mission

F) Cripps mission

G) Nehru report

H) Simla conference

Gave Jinnah the title of Quaid – e – Azam in 1937.E) Maulana Hali

F) Maulana Mufti Mehmood

G) Maulana Mazhar Uddin

H) Maulana Zafar Ali Khan.

Khwaja Farid Uddin was the grandfather of

A) Maulana Hali

B) Sir syed Ahmed Khan

C) Allama Iqbal

D) Tameez Uddin

Potwar plateau is situated in between hills in north and plain area of Punjab

inn south

A) Simla

B) Kala Chitta

C) Murree

D) Margallah

The shaded point of the venn diagram represents

A) P-Q


Reciprocal of 3/4/3 is

A) 3/5/4

B) -3/3/4

C) 19/5

D) 5/19

Which of the following substances is used in matches due to it burning property?

A) Carbon

B) Silicon

C) Phosphorous

D) Chlorine

Which of the following inert gas is used in electric light bulbs?A) Helium

B) Argon

C) Neon

D) Xenon


The substance whose solubility decreases with rise in temperature is

A) Calcium oxide

B) Sodium chloride

C) Potassium nitrate

D) Calcium chloride

Artificial satellites used for wildfire protection are satellites

A) Geostationary

B) Communication

C) Polar

D) Landsat


The speed of sound in water is

A) 332 m/s

B) 340 m/s

C) 1525 m/s

D) 5130 m/s


Image formed by a pinhole camera is

A) Upright

B) Horizontal

C) Inverted

D) Skewed


The refractive index of water is

A) 1.31

B) 1.33

C) 1.50

D) 1.52 In an electric circuit, the fuse work on the_ effect of current

A) Heating

B) Magnetic

C) Cooling

D) All of these

Which optical device is used to observe the sun?

A) Sun glasses

B) Scuba glasses

C) Night vision glasses

D) Eclipse glasses


Audible frequency range of human is

A) 20-20000 Hz

B) 20-3000 Hz

C) 23-390 Hz

D) 20 -10000 Hz


The major environmental issue caused by chemical fertilizers is

A) Ground water pollution

B) Crop manage

C) Air pollution

D) Greenhouse effect

Tick the radioactive hydrogen symbol

A) H

B) D

C) T

D) R


An animal with chemical defence is –

A) Earth worm

B) Scorpion

C) SnailD) Star sea


Which of the following is an integral component of modern electronic with

energy efficiency equally significant cost saving?




D) All of these


Molecular vector for genetic engineering is _

A) Plasmodium

B) Prions

C) Plasmid

D) All of these


Incomplete combustion of coal results in production of

A) CO gas

B) CO2 gas

C) NH3 gas



In humans, breathing rate is controlled by

A) Cerebrum

B) Cerebellum

C) Pons

D) Medulla oblongata

The increase in the volume of water as its temperature decreases from 40C to

0oc is called

A) Thermal expansion

B) Geometric expulsion

C) Anomalous expansion

D) All of these

The symbol for intensity of light is A) Cd

B) A

C) K

D) C


The break of vehicles work on the principle of

A) Boyle’s law

B) Newton 3rd law of motion

C) Charles law

D) Pascal law.

% of the earth surface is covered by water.

A) 17

B) 71

C) 57

D) 99

Harrapa is located in district

A) Larkana

B) Haripur

C) Sahiwal

D) Loralai

is the most superior caste of all the factions.

A) Wesh

B) Khashtri

C) Brahmans

D) Shooders


The upper most solid layer of the earth on which we live is called

A) Hydrosphere

B) Lithosphere

C) BiosphereD) Atmosphere


Simla delegation met in October 1906 and presented the demands

of the Muslims.

A) Lord Curzon

B) Lord Minto

C) Lord Wavell

D) Lord mount batten

Nadvat ul Ullema was founded in in 1894

A) Larkana

B) Lucknow

C) Ali Garh

D) Delhi


The word map has been derived from the Latin word which means a

table cloth or cloth cover

A) Maple

B) Maploon

C) Mappa

D) Mapyoo

is the third largest ocean of the world.

A) Atlantic ocean

B) Indian Ocean

C) Arctic Ocean

D) Pacific Ocean

Reshmi Romal movement was launched by in 1915

A) Maulana Mufti Mehmood

B) Maulana Mehmood ul Hassan

C) Maulana Zafar Ali khan

D) Maulana Sibli Naumani

Quaid e Azam became member of the Muslim league in

A) 106

B) 1909

C) 1913

D) 1920


Tsunami is a japense word which means

A) Route of water

B) Wall of water

C) Speed of water

D) Sound of water


Nitrogen is the most important gas and accounts for about by the volume

of atmosphere gases.

A) 21%

B) 0.93%

C) 78.1%

D) 0.03%

is an important and a big cash crop of Pakistan

A) Millet

B) Brain

C) Cotton

D) Maize


Pakistan produces only

A) 12%

B) 80%

C) 52%

D) 20%

% crude oil of its needs

Sultam Mehmood Ghazanavi was the son of the king of Ghazni.

A) Shahab Ud Din Ghauri

B) Ibrahim LodhiC) Shah Jehan

D) Subuk Tagin

If a coin is flipped then the probability to get a head is

A) ½

B) 1

C) 0

D) 2/5

The sum of protons and neutrons is called :

A) Atomic number

B) Group number

C) Mass Number

D) Valency number

Pinworm is

A) Earthworm

B) Flatworm

C) Roundworm

D) Lungworm

Amphibian have chamber heart

A) 2

B) 3

C) 4

D) 5

Which from the following in NOT among the five sense?

A) Vision

B) Touch

C) Smell

D) Thought

The house at Mohenjo Daro were made of:A) Fire bricks

B) Mud bricks

C) Stones

D) Wood

The people of were peaceful farmers.

A) Indus valley

B) Sub-continent

C) Mohenjo Daro

D) Harapa

was a Muslim commander in the state of Mysore.

A) Akbar

B) Haider Ali

C) Sher khan

D) Muhammad Bin Qasim

As student we should be concerned environmental changes.

A) Upon

B) For

C) About

D) At


During a physical change, the chemical composition of the substance :

A) Changes

B) Temporarily changes

C) Permanently changes

D) Does not change.

Which of the following is soluble in water?

A) Sand

B) Chalk dust

C) Sodium chloride

D) Wax

Navigational satellite pinpoints the location of object on:

A) Mars

B) Sun

C) Moon

D) Earth

Vertically developed clouds are about meters above sea level.

A) 2000 to 4000

B) 6000 to 8000

C) 8000 to 9000

D) 1000 to 12000

The temperature decreased by degree centigrade at every thousand meter


A) 3.5

B) 6.5

C) 4.5

D) 5.5


After the battle of in 1783 AD, the talpurs ended kalhora rule and

captured their powers.

A) Palssey

B) Halani

C) Paniput

D) Malwa


The first person who used the technology of firin projectiles through cannons


A) Ibrahim Lodhi

B) Zaheer Ud Din baber

C) Naseer Ud Din Muhammad Humayun

D) Sher shah suri

Ancestor of Noor jahan came from A) Persia

B) Turk

C) China

D) Afghanistan

Who became famous by the title of “ Bikrema” jeet “?

A) Chandargupta 1

B) Chandargupta 2

C) Samurgupta

D) Kumaragupta

Identify the parts of digestive system?

A) Salivary glands, esophagus , large intestine , lungs, gallbladder

B) Salivary glands, esophagus , large intestine , kidney, gallbladder

C) Salivary glands, esophagus , large intestine , colons, gallbladder

D) Salivary glands, esophagus , large intestine , nephron, gallbladder


In the official status of Persian was abolished and English was adopted as

official language.

A) 1833 AD

B) 1834 AD

C) 1835 AD

D) 1836 AD


The peoples of Indus valley civilization used a supreme system of writing which

had symbols.

A) 400

B) 300

C) 200

D) 100

The climate of plains favour’s the growth of broad leaved forests along the river

banks which are known as

A) Alpines forestsB) Mangrove forests

C) Dry forests

D) Bela forests

The annual amount of rain fall in Pakistan is less than

A) 10 centimetres

B) 15 centimetres

C) 20 centimetres

D) 25 centimetres


Major obstacle for social, political, and economical progress of a country is

A) Lack of educational institutions

B) Lack of economic institutions

C) Outdated political parties

D) Outdated judicial system

The collection and delivery of official letters was the responsibility of during

Mughal empire

A) Mir Bakhshi

B) Diwan Bureed

C) Mir Saman

D) Mir Atish.

“Gangas family” ruled state which was far away from delhi.

A) Rajputana

B) Khandesh

C) Orrisa

D) Weijanagar


The leather of parsi community jamshed Nusser wangee Mehta beame the

mayor of after the establishment of Pakistan.

A) PunjabB) Lahore

C) Karachi

D) Sindh

Which of the following tools is used to measure temperature?

A) Scale

B) Thermometer

C) Conductor

D) Friction

Electrical fires alarm works on the principal of and its detection.

A) Contradiction

B) Heater transfer

C) Expansion

D) Convection

The electrical device that converta AC to DC is called as:

A) Rectifier

B) Filter

C) Transistor

D) Integrated Circuit


Clothes of which of the following colors are worn in hot climate because of good

reflector and poor absorbance?

A) Red

B) Black

C) Green

D) White

Which of the following is NOT a form of energy?

A) Heat

B) Lamp

C) Sound

D) Light

The first artificial satellites were launched in :

A) 1957

B) 1994

C) 1957

D) 1705


Global warming is mainly due to the release of gasses like which

produces greenhouse effects.

A) Oxides of Sulfer

B) Oxides of nitrogen

C) Carbon dioxide and methane

D) Carbon monoxide


What organelle does a plant cell have that an animal cell does not have, that

supports the cell and is the outermost layer?

A) Cell membrane

B) Nuclear membrane

C) Plasma membrane

D) Cell wall.

In higher plants roosts hairs, primarily :

A) Decrease the surface to area ratio for absorption

B) Increase the surface to area ratio for absorption

C) Increase the number of palisade cells to trap light energy

D) Increase the stomata to evaporate more water


In higher plants, root pressure and capillary action , are mainly responsible for

the development of:

A) Active transport

B) Transpiration system

C) Food chain

D) Lenticels

Blood tend to flow in pulses when it passes thorough :A) Arteries

B) Capillaries

C) Veins

D) Brain


The immediate product formed by the anaerobic respiration is humans, is :

A) Carbon dioxide

B) Lactic acid

C) Glucose

D) Sucros

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