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Class 8th Science MCQs

Class 8th Science MCQs

The unit of nervous system is_________

A) Neuron

B) Nephron

C) Hormone

D) Both A and B


The collection of neuron cell bodies is called grey matter_______

A) White matter

B) Grey matter

C) Spinal cord

D) Nerve cells


The collection of axons is called_______

A) White matter

B) Grey matter

C) Myelin sheath

D) Red matter



The colour of white matter is due to __________

A) Myelin sheath

B) Cell bodies

C) Break down of neurons

D) All of the above


Sudden response to a stimulus is called ______

A) Pseudo response

B) Voluntary response

C) Refractive index

D) Reflex action


Kidney play role in removal of ______

A) Carbon dioxide

B) Oxygen

C) Salts

D) Undigested food


Organ of homeostasis is_______

A) Brain

B) Spinal Cord

C) Kidney

D) Ear



Diabetes is excess of _______ in blood

A) Oxygen

B) Carbon dioxide

C) Salts

D) Glucose



For removal of stone following is used

A) Use of excess water

B) Lithotripsy

C) Surgery

D) All of the above


Average weight of man brain is _______

A) 0.8 Kg

B) 28 kg

C) 1.7 Kg

D) 1.9 kg


Homeostasis is _____

A) The regulation of water, minerals, and temperature inside the body

B) The digestion of fats in the body

C) Transport of materials in the body of living organisms

D) Phenomenon by which animals Taking in oxygen and letting out carbon dioxide


There are _____ types of neurons.

A) 3

B) 5

C) 6

D) 8


Neuron is the functional unit of _____

A) Kidney

B) Lungs

C) Nervous system

D) Respiratory system


Movement of digestive tract is ______

A) Involuntary action

B) Voluntary action

C) Pulmonary action

D) Harmful action


Urinary bladder can store up to _____ of urine. 

A) Half liter

B) 1 liter

C) 200 ml

D) 100 ml


First artificial kidney was developed by ____ in 1913

A) Abel, Rountee and Turner

B) Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan

C) Maxwell, Brown and Jacob

D) All of the above


The cleaning of patient blood artificially with the help of a machine is called ____

A) Purification

B) Sedimentation

C) Filtration

D) Dialysis


Urea is a waste product produced by break down of ____

A) Glucose

B) Carbohydrates

C) Proteins

D) Enzymes


How many parts human brain has?

A) 2

B) 3

C) 5

D) 7



Which one regulate breathing?

A) Pons

B) Thalamus

C) Medulla

D) Hypothalamus


Reflex actions occurs with the help of …….

A) Heart

B) Cerebrum

C) Liver

D) Spinal cord


Kidneys eliminate wastes by filtering _____

A) Blood

B) Water

C) Urine

D) Bile


There ____ pairs of spinal nerves.

A) 20

B) 30

C) 31

D) 33


Filtering of blood takes place in ______

A) Neuron

B) Capillaries

C) Nephron

D) Axon


Major organ of the excretory system is _____

A) Kidney

B) Intestine

C) Heart

D) Stomach


Neurons which carry impulses from receptors to CNS are called ______

A) Motor

B) Inter neuron

C) Sensory

D) All of the above


In mitosis a parent cell divide into ____

A) 2

B) 3

C) 4

D) 5


In meiosis parent cell produce ____ daughter cells.

A) 2

B) 3

C) 4

D) 5


Which one is incorrect about mitosis?

A) Parent cell divide into two

B) Occur in somatic cells.

C) Occur in gametes

D) Chromosomes remain the same in daughter cells


A typical human chromosome contains _____ million nucleotides in its DNA.

A) 1

B) 200

C) 140

D) 780


Conversion of a cell into two new daughter cells is called____

A) Cell division

B) Cell growth

C) Cell death

D) Cell inheritance


Eukaryotic chromosomes are made up of ______


B) Proteins

C) DNA and Proteins

D) None of the above


The organism produced by genetic engineering is called _____

A) Transgenic


C) Both B and C

D) None of the above


Penicillin is a/an _______

A) Antibiotic

B) Enzyme

C) Hormone

D) Antigen


Study of heredity and transmission of characteristics is called ______

A) Physiology

B) Morphology

C) Genetics

D) Ecology


The branch of science deal with the use of living organisms for welfare of mankind is called ____

A) Biotechnology

B) Genetics

C) Microbiology

D) Biochemistry

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