Class 7th Science MCQs

Class 7th Science MCQs


  1. A soft mass of slippery food when pass through oral cavity is called …….

A) Chime

B) Bile

C) Bolus

D) All of the above

  1. Ptyalin digests ……….

A) Carbohydrates

B) Proteins

C) Lipids

D) All of the above


  1. The component of food fully digested in mouth is……

A) Proteins

B) Lipids

C) Carbohydrates

D) Lipids and Proteins


  1. After food reaches the stomach …………

A) Chime is formed is stomach

B) Bolus is formed is stomach

C) Fats are added with food

D) All of the above happened.


  1. After food reaches the stomach ………….

A) No digestion occur in stomach

B) Juices mix with the food and stomach muscle squeeze it

C) Food is completely digested and is absorbed in the blood

D) Food moves quickly to small intestine without digestion


  1. The organ which do not secrete any digestive enzyme is ……….

A) Liver

B) Stomach

C) Pancreas

D) Kidney


  1. Small intestine is …………

A) 0.5 to 1 meter long

B) 1 to 3 meter long

C) 4 to 5 meter long

D) Six to eight meter long


First part of small intestine is called _______

A) Duodenum

B) Jejunum

C) Ileum

D) Operculum


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