Class 6th Science MCQs

Class 6th Science MCQs


1.. Microscope is an instrument which helps us to see ________

A) Large objects

B) Small objects

C) Far objects

D) All of the above

2.. The outer most covering of animal cell is……..

A) Cell membrane

B) Cell wall

C) Nuclear membrane

D) Tonoplast


3.. ……… is called power house of the cell.

A) Cytoplasm

B) Nucleus

C) Ribosome

D) Mitochondria


4.. Ribosome is called ……….

A) Protein synthesizing factory

B) Energy production unit

C) Power house of the cell

D) Nutrient supplier


In plant cell nucleus is………

A) In center

B) at one side

C) Inside the chloroplast

D) Absent


Amoeba is a ……….. Organism

A) Unicellular

B) Colonial

C) Multicellular

D) None of the above


Arrange from lower to higher. i) Cell ii) organ system iii) Organ iv) Organism v) Tissue

A) i → ii → iii → iv → v

B) i → ii → iii → v → iv

C) i → v → iii → ii → iv

D) i → iii → ii → iv → v


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