Class 5th Science MCQs

February 8, 2021

Class 5th Science MCQs

Which of the following is a vertebrate?

A) Spider

B) Snake

C) Scorpion

D) Snail

Classification is arrangement of organisms into groups and subgroups based on ……..

A) Similarities

B) In area they live

C) Time in which they sleep

D) None of the above


Classification of organisms is called ………..

A) Anatomy

B) Morphology

C) Cloning

D) Taxonomy


According to modern classification all living organisms are divided into…….Kingdoms.

A) 2

B) 3

C) 5

D) 7


In older system bacteria were kept in……..

A) Plants

B) Animals

C) Both

D) None of the above


Bacteria belong to kingdom ……..

A) Protista

B) Fungi

C) Animalia

D) Monera


Algae normally occur …….

A) in Dry areas

B) on stones

C) in water

D) All of the above


In older classification algae were placed in kingdom…..

A) Monera

B) Plants (Plantae)

C) Animals (Animalia)

D) Fungi


Algae are now included in kingdom……

A) Fungi

B) Monera

C) Protista

D) Plantae


Mushroom is a……

A) Plant

B) Fungi

C) Animal

D)  Bacteria


Organisms that prepare their own food are ……..

A) Animals

B) Plants

C) Fungi

D) Bacteria


Vertebrates are divided into ……..classes.

A) 5

B) 6

C) 7

D) 8



Toad is a/an ……….

A) Fish

B) Amphibian

C) Bird

D) Reptile


Tortoise is a……….

A) Reptile

B) Amphibian

C) Bird

D) Fish

Largest bird in the world is……..

A) Penguin

B) Ostrich

C) Kiwi

D) Duck


Ostrich lost flying habit because……..

A) They have no enemy

B) Their wings are weak

C) They do not like flying

D) They do not have wings


Dolphin is………..

A) Amphibian

B) Fish

C) Reptile

D) Mammal


Earth worms are called …….

A) Producers

B) Parasites

C) Living fertilizers

D) Hidden enemy


Moss is a ………plant.

A) Flowering

B) Non flowering

C) Both


Monocot plant has…….

A) Two cotyledons

B) One cotyledon

C) Narrow and pointed leaves

D) Both B and C


Monocots have ….. Floral parts or multiple of …..

A) 3, 3

B) 4, 4

C) 5, 5

D) 7, 7


Which one is non-flowering plant?

A) Sun flower

B) Moss

C) Jasmine

D) Rose


Running birds lost their ability of flight due to…..

A) Having no enemy

B) Their life style

C) Living in water

D) Diseases


Identify reptile from the following

A) Has hairs on the body

B) Has hard rough skin

C) Feeds baby on its milk

D) Gives birth to babies


Monocot plants can be differentiated from dicot plants by the characteristics of……..

A) Number of cotyledon

B) Roots deep in soil

C) Always found in deserts

D) None of the above


 Bacterial cell do not have………

A) Cell membrane


C) Nucleus

D) Cytoplasm


Fishes swim in water with the help of………

A) Fins

B) Gills

C) Scales

D) None of these


All the animals given below are invertebrates except ………

A) Ant

B) Scorpion

C) Tortoise

D) Snail


Which one have slender like soft body?

A) Worms

B) Reptiles

C) Mammals

D) Amphibians


Whale appears fish but is not grouped in fishes because……..

A) Has hairs on the body

B) Feeds young ones on milk

C) It can crawl on the land

D) It can fly in the air


Main parts of the insects body is……….

A) Head

B) Abdomen

C) Thorax

D) All of the above


Salamander is a/an…….

A) Reptile

B) Amphibian

C) Mammal

D) Fish


Animals do not have …….

A) Cell wall

B) Cell membrane

C) Nucleus

D) Protoplasm


Bat is a …………

A) Bird

B) Mammal

C) Reptile

D) None of the above


Photosynthesis occur in ……….




None of the above


Microorganisms can only be seen with the help of an equipment called_______

A) Microscope

B) Telescope

C) Pinhole camera

D) Stethoscope


Microscope was invented by Dutch Scientist _________ in 1667.

A) Robert Brown

B) Mendel

C) Antony Van Leeuwenhoek

D) Einstein


Which one is viral disease?


B) Headache

C) Malaria

D) None of the above



Influenza, Measles, Chicken pox are diseases caused by _______

A) Fungi

B) Plasmodium

C) Bacteria

D) Virus


First antibiotic was extracted from a/an _______

A) Plant

B) Fungi

C) Animal

D) Bacteria


Word virus is derived from……….

A) Versus

B) Venom

C) Viroid

D) Virgo


Word venom means

A) Very important

B) Poisonous

C) Tasty

D) Attractive


First virus was isolated by ________

A) Stanley

B) Whittaker

C) Aristotle

D) Wohler


The microorganism used in baking industry is _______

A) Bacteria

B) Virus

C) Yeast

D) Plasmodium


All of these are benefits of bacteria except_____

A) Decomposition

B) Nitrogen fixation

C) Nitrates formation

D) Dilution and Concentration

E) Convert milk into yogurt


There is no _______ in bacteria.

A) Ribosome

B) Nucleus

C) Cell Membrane

D) Protoplasm


TB, Cholera, Typhoid and Dysentery are caused by_______

A)  Plant Toxins

B) Virus

C) Fungi

D) Bacteria


The bacteria that need oxygen for respiration are called ______

A) Aerobic bacteria

B) Anaerobic bacteria

C) Pathogens

D) Decomposers

E) Photosynthetic bacteria


To control bacteria _______ are used.

A) Vaccine

B) Aspirin

C) Antibiotic

D) Analgesics


The process by which seed grows into a new plant is called _____

A) Germination

B) Photosynthesis

C) Respiration

D) Guttation


All of these are microorganisms except______

A) Yeast

B) Bacteria

C) Euglena

D) Mushroom


Rust is caused by _______

A) Bacteria

B) Fungi

C) Virus

D) Protozoans


Ringworm and athlete foot are caused by _____

A) Fungi

B) Bacteria

C) Plant toxins

D) Algae


The root of plant arise from _____

A) Plumule

B) Radicle

C) Micropyle

D) Seed coat


First antibiotic penicillin was obtained from a ____ called Penicillium.

A) Bacteria

B) Fungi

C) Virus

D) Plant


Which microorganism is used in the preparation of yogurt

A) Bacteria

B) Fungi

C) Algae

D) Yeast


Which gas is produced by yeast in the flour dough?

A) Oxygen

B) Nitrogen

C) Carbon Dioxide

D) Ammonia


The development of a seed into plant is called _________

A) Germination

B) Fertilization

C) Respiration

D) Reproduction


Seed coat is also called _______

A) Tapetum

B) Hilum

C) Testa

D) Micropyle


Cotyledons store _______

A) Fertilizers

B) Water

C) Poison

D) Food


A seed kept in refrigerator does not grow ______

A) Because the temperature was not proper

B) Because there was no air

C) Because it does not get water

D) It does not get light


Maize is a _______

A) Monocotyledonous

B) Dicotyledonous

C) Tricotyledonous

D) None of these


Mango, Pea, Gram and Bean are examples of ________

A) Monocotyledonous

B) Dicotyledonous

C) Tricotyledonous

D) None of the above


The young plant present in the seed is called______

A) Endosperm

B) Seed Coat

C) Embryo

D) Radical

E) Plumule


Most seeds germinate at a temperature of ________

A) 0 to 5 degree centigrade

B) 5 to 10 degree centigrade

C) 10 to 35 degree centigrade

D) 35 to 70 degree centigrade


Most bacteria double every ____

A) 10 minutes

B) 20 minutes

C) 30 minutes

D) 40 minutes


When a bean seed is dipped in the soil which part of the embryo first grow?

A) Plumule

B) Radical

C) Cotyledon

D) Testa


Plumule Produce ______

A) Root

B) Stem

C) Leaves

D) Flowers


Which gas is responsible for respiration?

A) Carbon dioxide

B) Nitrogen

C) Oxygen

D) Hydrogen


Which gas is responsible for photosynthesis?

A) Oxygen

B) Carbon dioxide

C) Nitrogen

D) Hydrogen



______ Protect us from harmful UV rays.

A) Hydrogen Gas

B) Ozone Gas

C) Carbon Dioxide Gas

D) SO2Gas


Which one is biodegradable among the following?

A) Leftover of food

B) Plastic Bags

C) Empty Cans

D) Fused Bulbs


Which one is non-biodegradable?

A) Leftover of food

B) Dead Animals

C) Plastic Bags

D) Dead Plants


Any harmful change in the environment is called _____

A) Population

B) Contamination

C) Pollution

D) Destruction


Pollution is mainly caused by_____       

A) Animals

B) Plants

C) People

D) Birds


The main cause of air pollution is______

A) Burning of fossil fuel

B) Forests

C) Fertilizers

D) Garbage


Which is non-biodegradable?

A) Plastic

B) Dead plant

C) Dead animals

D) Bread


Which of the following produce harmful gases?

A) Bacteria

B) Animals

C) Plants

D) Motor vehicles


Which of the following things are biodegradable?

A) Cans

B) Dead Plants

C) Electricity Wires

D) Glass


The actual place where an organism live is called …….

A) Environment

B) Climate

C) Community

D) Habitat


Disease caused by pollution is………

A) Cancer


C) Cholera

D) All of the above


Which is the main cause of acid rain?

A) Air pollution

B) Water pollution

C) Land pollution

D) None of the above