Chapter 2 Chinese New Year – 10th Class English Notes

Chapter 2 Chinese New Year – 10th Class English Notes
Answer the following questions.
(i) When does the Chinese New Year start?
Ans. Chinese New Year is a big day which is celebrated on the beginning of a new year according to the Chinese lunar calendar. It is never on the same day each year, but typically falls somewhere between January 21st and February 20th.

(ii) Why do Chinese families do through cleaning of their houses before New Year’s Day?
Ans. On the first day of New Year it is compulsory for Chinese families to clean out their houses. Because it is said that cleaning houses clear out any bad luck from the previous year and to make the house ready to accept good luck for the coming year.
(iii) Which colour is not allowed and which colour is encouraged on Chinese New Year? Why?
Ans. Black colour isn’t allowed on Chinese New Year, due to its association with mourn and death. However, wearing red is encouraged due to its represents happiness and good fortune.
(iv) What do decorations on door and windows symbolize?
Ans. Decorations are the most important aspect of Chinese Lunar New Year celebrations. Decorations reception, door and windows of Chinese household can be presented through some of the ornaments that symbolize health, happiness and wealth.
(v) What is the significance of New Year’s Eve Dinner?
Ans. Chinese New Year is a time for families to be together. The New Year’s Day Eve dinner is named ‘reunion dinner’ and is believed to be the foremost necessary meal of the year.
(vi) What do the little red envelops filled with money symbolize?
Ans. Chinese people are madly in love with the colour red because red is a colour of love. They give children money and filled the red envelops. Theses red are called ‘yausi qian’ and symbolize wealth, happiness and prosperity.
(vii) What is the importance of Chinese New Year for Chinese families ?
Chinese New Year is one of the important traditional festival in China. This is the only time when the whole family members meet with each other and give gifts and wishes to each other.

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