Chapter 1 Problem Solving – 10 Class Computer Science Notes

10 Class Computer Science Notes

Chapter No 1

Problem Solving

Answer the following questions.

  1. What do you mean by problem solving? Briefly describe the problem process?

Answer. Problem Solving

Problem solving is a skill to solve any problem in computer science. Problem is done by programming. If anybody is a good programmer then it means he is a problem solver. To solve a problem correctly and efficiently require a computer program that has been developed after detailed planning.

To solve any kind of problem following steps are followed:

  1. Problem identification
  2. Analysis the problem
  3. Specify Requirements
  4. Design algorithm and draw flowchart
  5. Write the program (coding)
  6. Test and Debug the program
  7. Implement the program
  8. Maintain and update the program
  9. Document the program

Problem identification

first of all the problem should be observed carefully. The major areas concerned are identified and a relevant information is filtered out, e.g If we want to develop simple calculator then our major concern is how basic arithmetic operations are performed and what should be our input and what output should be displayed?


Specify requirements

Most of the users cannot explain their exact software requirements. This stage solves the formation of a requirement document which describes the features to provide restrictions under which it must operate and an abstract description of the software which provides a basis for design and implementation.

Analyse the problem

In this step problem is decompose into sub problems. Now we try to solve these problems separately, it will give us a simple solution. This method is known as Top Down design. It is also called Divide and conquer rule.

In this step we will analyse that how much solution are possible? Which one is the best solution? Is problem solvable on computer? What are inputs and outputs? How the problems divided into Sub problems?

Design Algorithm And Draw Flow Chart

Once a programmer understand the problem, next stage is the planning stage. The planning stage consists of developing and algorithm and converting it into a flow chart or pseudo code or both.

Algorithm is a systematic procedure developed to solve a problem before writing and actual program. More precisely and algorithm is a complete procedure of land that describe the logic of a program.

In any situation programmer would usually have a choice of algorithms. Each method will have its own merits and demerits. One of the important job of a computer programmer is to select the best one with reason of selecting that.

Write the program (Coding)

In this time we convert our algorithm into a computer program in a particular language according to the syntax.

A process of converting algorithm into a computer program in some computer is called coding.

Test and debug the program

in this time we will run the program several times and if it gives correct results it means our program is accurate. If in the process of testing we will find any type of error then error must be debug.

Implement the program

After the successful testing of the program we will execute it for our Requirements. Taking the program and placing it into operation is called implementing of the program.

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