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Careers Paths for a Biologist

Careers or Jobs for a Biologist

As a Biologist there are several career paths one of them I will choose like;

1) Field of Medicine: “A substance used in the diagnosis, treatment, or prevention of a disease is called medicine”. While studying biology a student should prefer to choose medical line because it is one of the best among career paths, after completion of intermediate. I want to be a doctor to serve human beings.

2) Fisheries: (As Ichthyologist) the study of fishes is called ichthyology. After selecting biology as a subject, next best field after medical, is fishery. As Ichthyologist, a man must know about fish habitats, breeding, diseases, food, population, fish farming or aquaculture etc. As a manager they may work in hatchery (place of hatching eggs) and prevention from diseases. And keep up to date with fish production and information.

3) Agriculture: The science of cultivating crops like wheat, maize, rice and farming of animals that gives milk and meat. Agriculture is one of the best fields so, after completion of intermediate a student of biology may join this line for their career.

4) Animal Science/ Animal husbandry: Animal science is related to breeding and veterinary (medical or surgical treatment) of animals. After completion of intermediate a student of biology has a choice to select D.V.M (Doctor of Veterinary Medicine) which makes his/ her future bright.

5) Horticulture: Latin hortus, garden. “The science of cultivating fruits, vegetables, flowers, or ornamental plants” Horticulture primarily differs from agriculture in two ways. First, it surrounds a smaller scale of cultivation. Secondly, horticultural cultivations include a wide variety of crops.

6) Forestry: Forestry is the scientific management of forest lands for wood water, wildlife, and recreation. Because the major economic importance of the forest lies in wood and wood products, forestry chiefly concerned with timber management, especially reforestation, maintenance of the forest, and fire control.

7) Farming: It deals with the development and maintenance of different types of farms. For example in some farms animal breeding technologies are used for the production of animals which are better protein and milk source. In poultry farms chicken and eggs are produced. Similarly in fruit farms, different fruit yielding plants are grown. A student who has gone through the professional course of agriculture, animal husbandry or fisheries etc. can adopt this profession.

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