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Biology Important MCQs

General Biology Important MCQs

Most of the recent developments in statistics arose to satisfy the requirements of ————?

Biology (Answer)




The science of water which deals with the depletion and replenishment of water resources is called———–


Hydrology (Answer)




The branch of science which deals with heredity and variation is called——————?

Genetics (Answer)




the foremost recent view of black family problems is that they’re a result of————–?


the heritage of slavery

historic events of recent years (Answer)

none of the above

If a person having blood type AB marries a lady who is heterozygous for blood type, what’s the

probability of their first child having blood type B?



50% (Answer)


Who became First Female Student From Balochistan To Persue A Masters In Cancer Biology?

Fazila Aliani

Masooma Rajput (Answer)

Helena Saeed

None of above

The causative organism of syphilis is———-?

Borrelia burgolorferi

Chalamydia trachomatis

Leptospira interrogans

Treponema pallidum (Answer)

An oxidase-positive, gram-negative rod which produces a bluish-green pigment has been grown in culture

from a swab obtained from an infected burn wound. This organism is vulnerable to gentamicin, ticarcillin and

tobramicin, but immune to all the opposite antibiotics which of the subsequent organisms is it likely to be ?

Escherichia coli

Klebsiella pnemoniae

Proteus miribilis

D.Pseudomonas aeruginosa (Answer)

Bacteria reproduce mainly by————–?


Binary fission (Answer)


Bacterial components produced by host cells

All of the subsequent are true of streptococcus except————?

It’s group of carboxylic acid production bacteria (Answer)

Shows adherence to dental enamel

commonest in humans

commonest is animals

The specific test for Treponema pallidum is———-?


Kahn’s test

TPHA (Answer)

Widal test

The difference between gram positive and negative bacteria lies in their————–?

cell membrane (Answer)

cell wall

Nuclear material



The commonest method of detection of diptheria carriers is————–?

Schick test (Answer)

Dick test

Casoni’s test

Charles’ test

One of the subsequent is an blood test within the diagnosis of typhoid———-?

Widal test (Answer)

Eleks test

Mantoux test

Wasserman test

Which regards to temperature requirement, most pathogenic bacteria are————?


Mesophiles (Answer)



A protoplast is best characterized as a bacterial cell————–?

with a cell membrane but freed from a capsule

containing a cell membrane and a capsule

freed from a cell membrane and a capsule (Answer)

Uniquely sensitive to penicillin

Pneumococus are often differentiated from streptococcus by—————-?

sort of hemolysis

Gram staining

Growth characteristics

D.Bile solubility (Answer)

A veterinary doctor had pyrexia of unknown origin His blood culture in special laboratory media was positive

for gram negative short bacilli which was oxidase positive. Which one among the subsequent is that the likely organism

grown in culture ?

Pasturella spp

Francisella spp

Bartonella spp

D.Brucella spp (Answer)

All of the subsequent lab tests are often wont to distinguish streptococcus mutans from other oral streptococci,


Gram staining (Answer)


Fermentation of mannitol and sorbital

Production of intracellular and extracellular adherent polysacharide

Colony morphology on saliva agar

Borelia vincenti is a————–?



Spirochaete (Answer)


The most primitive mode of gene transfer occurs by————?



Cell fusion

D.Conjugation (Answer)

A 6 year old boy comes with abdominal pain, vomiting after consuming mild products within 6 hours. The

most likely organism responsible is————–?

Staph. aureus (Answer)




Staphylococcal toxic shock syndrome syndrome (SSS syndrome) is due to————–?

Enterotoxin A

Enterotoxin B

Enterotoxin D

D.Enterotoxin F (Answer)

Erysipelas is caused by—————-?

B staphylococci (Answer)

A steptococci



The causative organism for cat-scratch disease is————–?

Chlamydia trachomatis

Donovania granulomatis

Bartonella henselae (Answer)

Hemophilia ducreya


Which one among the subsequent enteric organisms is anaerogenic and non motile ?

Shigella sonnei (Answer)

typhoid bacillus

Proteus mirabilis

Klebsiella pneumonia

An elderly male patient presented with fever, pain, and dry cough, sputum culture showed growth on

charcoal yeast Extract Medium, theorganism is————–?

H. influenza

Moraxella catarrhalis

Legionella (Answer)

Burkholderia cepacia

Bacterial species which is protective or beneficial to the host is————–?

Streptococcus sanguis (Answer)

Porphyromonas gingivalis

Treponema denticola


The spirochete which is related to fusospirochetosis is————–?

Treponema pallidum

Treponjema pertenue

Borrelia burgdorferi

D.Borrelia vincenti (Answer)

Mycobacterium tuberculosis is best demonstrated by—————-?

Gram’s stain

H & E stain

Ziehl-Neelsen stain (Answer)

PAS stain

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