Biology 9th Model Paper Half Book For Students Practice


Biology 9th           Objective Type

Time Allowed:  15 minutes                                      Marks:  12

Note: You have four choices for each objective type question as A/B/C/ and D. The choice which you think is correct; fill that circle in front of that question number. Cutting or filling two or more circles will result in zero mark in that question.

Q.1: Which of these major  bioelements is in the highest percentage in protoplasm?

a) Carbon b) Hydrogen c) Oxygen d) Nitrogen

2. Similar cells organized into groups and performing same functions are known as;

a) Organelle b) Tissue c) Organ d) Organ system

3. What is true about volvox?

a) Unicellular prokaryote b) Unicellular eukaryote

c) Colonial eukaryote d) Multicellular eukaryote

4. Which one of these is not a characteristic of a hypothesis?

a) Must be consistent with all available data b) Must be testable

c) Must be correct d)Must make predictions

5.In binomial nomenclature the first letter of the      name is capitalized.

a)Familyb) Classc) Speciesd) Genus

6. A Related group of genera comprises;

a) An Order b) A Family c) A Class d)  A Phylum

7.When the last member of a particular species dies, the species is said to be

a)Established b) Extinct c) Threatened d) Endangered

8. Which of these materials is not a component of plasma membrane?

a) Lipids b) Carbohydrates c) Proteins d) DNA

9. The is a major component of plant cell walls.

a)Chitin b) Peptidoglycan c) Cellulose d) Cholesterol

10.During which phase of mitosis spindle fibers are formed?

a) G2 b) Interphase c) Prophase d) Metaphase

  11. To what category of molecules do enzymes belong?

a) Carbohydrates b) Lipids c) Nucleic acids d) Proteins

  12. If a scientist is studying the methods of inserting human insulin gene in bacteria, which branch of biology may this be?

a) Anatomy b) Physiology c) Biotechnology d) Pharmacology


Essay type               Marks:48                      Time: 1:45 Hours


Section – I                         2 X 15=30


2. Write short answers of any five parts from the following. 2×5=10

i.What do you mean by horticulture and how is it related to agriculture?

ii. Define Fossil?

iii.Quantitative observations are better in biological method. How?

iv. What is a biological method.

v.Differentiate between the terms “extinct” and “endangered”.

vi. DefineBiodiversity.

vii. What is cell wall?

3. Write short answers of any five parts from the following. 2×5=10

i.Is there any division of labour among the cells of a colony? If you find division of labour among the cells and tissue what level of cellular organization is it?

ii. Define Botany?

iii.Justify mathematics as an integral part of the scientific process.

iv. What is hypothesis?

v.What are the contributions of Whittaker, Margulis and Schwartz in taxonomy?

vi. Define Deforestation?

vii. State cell theory?


4. Write short answers of any five parts from the following. 2×5=10

i. How biology is linked with chemistry?

ii. Define embryology?

iii. Differentiate between theory and law?

iv.If a test shows that some people have Plasmodium in their blood but they do not show any symptoms of malaria, what hypothesis would you formulate to answer this problem?

v.It is difficult to use the criterion of interbreeding to define species of unicellular organisms. Why?

vi. What is meant by binomial nomenclature?

vii. Define ribosome?


Section-II 9×2=18

Note: Answer any two questions from the following.

1. (a) How would you distinguish the biomolecules from other molecules? What is the criterion for classifying a biomolecule as micromolecule or macromolecule?

(b) How would you define biology and relate it with its three major divisions?

2. (a)Explain the base for establishing five kingdoms of living organisms.

(b)Describe the aims and principles of binomial nomenclature.

3. (a)Discuss nucleus structure and function.

(b) Describe the differences in prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells.

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