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Archaeology and Civilization Questions and Answers

Archaeology and Civilization Questions and Answers


Question. What is Archaeology?

Answer: Archaeology is a knowledge that deals with the history of humans (men)  using materials remains.


Question. What are fossils?

Answer: Fossils are dead remains of living organisms including plants and animals buried in the earth crust usually hundreds and thousands years ago.


Question. What is Civilization?

Answer: A civilization is basically a more complex society that is usually composed of many cities, with certain characteristics properties of culture.


Question. What are Archaeological remains?

Answer: Archaeological remains are any objects that people of the past created or modified and are then used for various purposes.


Question. Define Artifacts.

Answer: Portable remains are usually called artifacts.


Question: What materials are collected from the soan river of Pakistan?

Answer: The material collected from the glacial deposits of Soan River in Pakistan is comprised of choppers, chopping tools and axes and indicates the Stone Age in the region of Pakistan.


QUESTION: Where is Harappa situated?

Answer: Harappa is an area of Indus valley civilization in the province of Punjab in Pakistan.


Question. How much old is Indus valley civilization?

Answer: The prehistoric Indus valley civilization is about 5000 years old.


Question. Differentiate  between civilization and culture in only one line?

Answer: Civilization is basically a more complex and advanced culture in a large area.


Question. Who was Ahmad Hasan Dani?

Answer: Dr. Ahmad Hasan Dani Born on June 20, 1920 was a famous Pakistani archaeologist and was passed away in January 26, 2009.





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