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Anthropology MCQs – Questions and Answers

Anthropology  MCQs


Anthropology is basic study of
(a) person
(b) Community
(c) Male and feminine
(d) None of those
Answer: a

The sub discipline of anthropology that studies diversity of human behaviour within the past is
(a) anthropology
(b) archaeology
(c) linguistic anthropology
(d) social anthropology
Answer: b

The study of the bodies and behavior of human-like species like monkeys and apes is named
(a) anthropology
(b) apeology
(c) primatology
(d) archaeology
Answer: c

The field of anthropology that studies cross-cultural knowledge and use of plants is named
(a) ethnobotany
(b) forensic anthropology
(c) vegetal anthropology
(d) there’s no such field
Answer: a

Students who major in anthropology can make a living during which career(s)?
(a) teaching
(b) business/consulting
(c) government/policy
(d) all of the above
Answer: d

Which of those isn’t a part of the anthropological perspective?
(a) cross-cultural study
(b) ethnocentrism
(c) holism
(d) cultural relativism
Answer: b

The perspective that each one aspects of a culture must be studied in interconnection with one another is
(a) holism
(b) cross-cultural study
(c) glocalization
(d) cultural relativism
Answer: a

The written description of a culture that an anthropologist produces from his/her research is named
(a) ethnocentrism
(b) ethnicity
(c) ethnocide
(d) ethnography
Answer: d

The attitude that you simply can understand or judge another culture in terms of your own culture is named
(a) cultural relativism
(b) social anthropology
(c) ethnocentrism
(d) ethnoculturalism
Answer: c

Who said “Ideas about race, culture and people-hood or ethnicity have long served to orient anthropology’s inquiries ….”
(a) Eric R. Wolf
(b) Magnus Hundt
(c) Otto Casmann
(d) Bartholins
Answer: a

Word Anthropology first appeared in Renaissance Germany within the works of
(a) Magnus Hundt
(b) Otto Casmann
(c) Bartholins
(d) Both a & b
Answer: d

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