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Agriculture Questions and Answers | Solved MCQs of Agriculture

Agriculture Questions and Answers – Solved MCQs of Agriculture


  • Pyrolysis is the process of heating biomass in the absence of oxygen.
  • Combustion or burning process is a process in which the fuel is burnt in the presence of oxygen (O2) trapped from the air to release chemical energy as heat.
  • Farm planning is an importance of the principles of accounting to the business of farming.
  • Beef’ and ‘hides’ are examples of Joint enterprise
  • The overall combustion reaction can be written as

CxHyOz + (x + 0.25y – 0.5z)O2→ xCO2 + (0.5y).H2O

C6H12O6 è CO2 + H2O + Heat Energy.

  • A crop loan over Rs. 1,00,000 will require Registered mortgage of land.
  • A group of technical units are known as Plant
  • A market structure with large number of firms selling homogeneous product is known as Monopolistic competition.
  • Gasification is a thermo chemical transformation of a biomass by partial oxidation into a gaseous product.
  • The other name of overhead cost is fixed cost.
  • P.P. Will be equal to B/A if B is output and A is input.
  • Above 15 percent farmers had land holding capacity in between 2-4 hectares.
  • According to Hung Chao Tai-land reforms aim at attaining just relationship among Agricultural population.
  • “Theory was not based on assumption and full employment” statement is used for classical economist to theory of income and employment.
  • As income increase the expenditure on light fuel and rent generally remains the same.
  • As the price of a commodity goes up, the demand for its Contracts.
  • The spurt to Zero Marginal Productivity type of exercise was given by Arthur Lewis in 1954.

At equilibrium, the slope of the Indifference curve is Equal to the slope of the budget line.

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