LEVELS OF ORGANIZATION The hierarchy of complex biological structures and systems that define life is called level of biological organization. These levels are as follows.  Subatomic and Atomic level: An Atom is the smallest entity of matter that can enter into a chemical reaction. An element is the substance that can not be further simplified […]

Quran and Biology

QURAN AND BIOLOGY At many places in Holy Quran, Allah hints about the origin and characteristics of living organisms. In the same verses human beings have been instructed to expose the unknown aspects of life, after getting the hints. Here are few examples of such guidelines.   “We made every living thing from water.” (Sura: […]

Careers Paths for a Biologist

Careers or Jobs for a Biologist As a Biologist there are several career paths one of them I will choose like; 1) Field of Medicine: “A substance used in the diagnosis, treatment, or prevention of a disease is called medicine”. While studying biology a student should prefer to choose medical line because it is one […]


RELATIONSHIP OF BIOLOGY TO OTHER SCIENCES OR MULTIDESCIPLINARY APPROACH TO THE STUDY OF BIOLOGY: Biology is a very vast field and is related to other branches of science in some respects. It works in coordination with other branches of science. Due to this reason some new branches of biology arises. Some of them are as […]

Branches of Biology

Branches of Biology Science: Word science is derived from scientia means knowledge. Science is the study in which observations are made, experiments are done and logical conclusions are drawn in order to understand the principles of nature. “OR”  The knowledge obtained through observations and experiments is called science.   Biology: The word “biology” derived from two […]