Five generations of computers

Five generations of computers First Generation Computers (l940 – 1956) Technology used: Vacuum tubes were used in the 1st generation computers. Problems arising from the use of computers Vacuum tubes Vacuum tube, generated so much heat that they had to be cooled by air conditioner. Vacuum tubes exhausted fairly often and it absolutely was tough to repair and maintain the computers […]

Archaeology and Civilization Questions and Answers

Archaeology and Civilization Questions and Answers   Question. What is Archaeology? Answer: Archaeology is a knowledge that deals with the history of humans (men)  using materials remains.   Question. What are fossils? Answer: Fossils are dead remains of living organisms including plants and animals buried in the earth crust usually hundreds and thousands years ago. […]

Anthropology MCQs – Questions and Answers

Anthropology  MCQs   Anthropology is basic study of (a) person (b) Community (c) Male and feminine (d) None of those Answer: a The sub discipline of anthropology that studies diversity of human behaviour within the past is (a) anthropology (b) archaeology (c) linguistic anthropology (d) social anthropology Answer: b

Fasting (Roza or Ramazan) Questions and Answers

Interesting Information About Fasting (Roza or Ramazan)   Question: What is the literal meaning of Fast? Answer: Fast means to stop.   Question: Describe the advise of Hazrat Isa A.s to his followers? Answer: Hazrat Isa (AS) Kept 40 fasts in desert and advised his followers to follow it.   Question: What is the pre-requisite […]

Agriculture Questions and Answers | Solved MCQs of Agriculture

Agriculture Questions and Answers – Solved MCQs of Agriculture   Pyrolysis is the process of heating biomass in the absence of oxygen. Combustion or burning process is a process in which the fuel is burnt in the presence of oxygen (O2) trapped from the air to release chemical energy as heat. Farm planning is an […]

Questions and Answers About Hajj

Questions and Answers About Hajj   Hajj means to  intend. Hajj made compulsory in 9 H. First Hajj offered in 9 H. Hajj ordained in Surah Baqara. The holy prophet performed only 1 Hajj in 10th H. There are 3 types of Hajj. One tawaf of Kaaba is known as Shoot. Tawaf begins from Shoot. […]

Islamic Studies Questions and Answers

Islamic Studies Questions and Answers   Question: What is meant by Istelaam? Answer: Istalam is kissing of Hajr Aswad.Islam has 2 major sects.   Question: How many fundamentals are in Islam? Answer: There are 5 fundaments of Islam.   Question. What are the number of faith? Answer: Two types of faith.   What are the […]

Biology Important MCQs

General Biology Important MCQs Most of the recent developments in statistics arose to satisfy the requirements of ————? Biology (Answer) English Hands Physics The science of water which deals with the depletion and replenishment of water resources is called———– —–? Hydrology (Answer) Biology Hydrography Histology